Charlotte Flair – Bringing the Heat

In her record-breaking reign, Charlotte Flair is known for her prowess, graceful movements, and extraordinary athleticism as the current SmackDown Women’s Champion. In addition, she became an influencer with her 4.6 million followers on Instagram, sharing her life, especially her love of food!

Flair has been featured in Muscle & Fitness and ESPN Body 10 magazines and was ranked 29th out of 50 in Sports Illustrated’s 2017 Fittest Female Athletes. But even though she has a fitness routine, she thinks the food should be enjoyed and tasty. Flair also believes shared meals are important, especially with family.

“From an early age, I associated food with family time,” she explains. “As a child, everything my family did together involved food, like going out to dinner, whether it was at a nice restaurant or at a local hangout. That’s what we did to spend time together.

When she started traveling for her career, Flair was eating out and exploring the local food scene. However, Flair also understands the pitfalls of restaurant dining, especially in the world of health and fitness.

“I’ve spent my whole life wanting to go out and try new cuisines but keeping a balance.”

She particularly likes very spicy food since she was introduced to it at a very young age. His father would bring home dishes such as kimchee from his travels and add hot sauce to everything. The tradition continues as Flair’s bride is originally from Mexico and also relishes very hot and spicy tastes.

When traveling, Flair packs and carries a bag of meal prep, especially spicy ingredients. But it’s more than just satisfying the taste, but also maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

“I stay at the Marriott hotel which has a kitchen. If I go on a Thursday, I pack 20-25 meals with what I call my very large oversized lunch box,” she laughs. “I pack items like grilled chicken and broccoli, chicken quesadillas, and my favorite steak and red peppers.” Flair will bring packets of oatmeal, tortillas and protein powder

As she usually drives on the road, Flair has found that this system works for delicious meals that are also part of a healthy lifestyle.

Bringing the Heat – Charlotte Flair Body Slams Myths About Diet and Health

As with a vegetable, Flair enjoys different types of cacti, enjoying the fruit of the cactus (prickly pear) and the flat pad of the cactus (nopales). She prefers them heated in the microwave, but the fruit and pads can be eaten raw or juiced.

As she explains, even though Flair is training for her career, it also releases stress. “It’s about an hour a day that I dedicate to myself and I can close myself off from the world.” Sometimes she will ride an exercise bike and read a book. Flair encourages everyone to invest in their health.

This is particularly important with the stressful events of the past two years and the ongoing health crisis and concerns. She and her fiancée built a gym at home to stay in shape. Flair says that when a schedule is followed, especially by planning good meals and taking care of yourself, it creates healthy habits that aren’t boring or overwhelming.

“I love ice cream, chocolate, cheeseburgers, and tacos, but I made a plan so I could enjoy the food and not worry about it being labeled bad or unhealthy.” When Flair eats a cheeseburger, it’s on a whole wheat bun and topped with avocado, lettuce, tomato and hot sauce. It even includes cheese. “There’s always a way to make the food you love enjoyable, healthy, and part of your cooking routine if you commit to it.”

As for keeping a food diary, she has kept one and recommends it to those making lifestyle changes. Flair was amazed at what she ate daily before changing her meal plans. A food diary can show what is eaten, how much or how little, and when something is eaten or drunk. When she traveled to a small town, Flair bought protein bars, protein shakes and granola at convenience stores, but missed meals. She replaced them with fruits and vegetables which are also sold in the same convenience stores.

As for her journey as a second generation professional wrestler, many assume that as the daughter of a wrestler (Ric Flair) is how she entered the profession.

“It was actually my little brother who started me in the business. In 2012, I attended a dinner for Wrestlemania with my brother, who was looking to sign. One of the producers asked me why I wasn’t doing that too, and I hadn’t really thought about it,” she says. A recent college graduate, Flair was a personal trainer in her hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina. It was at the encouragement of her brother that Flair entered the profession to partner with him.

In 2012, she signed and began training with WWE, which led her down the path of sports entertainment and ultimately changed her life. She was named Rookie of the Year by Pro Wrestling Illustrated in 2014 and was promoted to WWE’s main roster the following year. Flair won the Divas Championship, the NXT Women’s Championship twice, the Raw Women’s Championship a record six times (inaugural champion), the SmackDown Women’s Championship a record six times, and the Women’s Tag Team Championship, becoming a Triple Crown Champion. , Grand Slam champion as well as winning the Royal Rumble match. Flair has won 15 Women’s Singles Championships and is recognized as a 13-time Women’s World Champion by WWE and 16 total WWE Championships including her Women’s Tag Team Championship reign with Asuka.

PWI readers voted Flair Woman of the Year and Top Female Professional Wrestler and became the first female wrestler, alongside Sasha Banks, to headline a WWE pay-per-view event in 2016. She headlined one of WrestleMania for the first time, WWE’s flagship annual event, alongside Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey as one of the first women to headline.

As for becoming an influencer, the pandemic has halted live performances, and she has missed out on live audiences and witnessed negativity online as well. Once she started touring again, Flair discovered how much she meant to her fans, especially the younger generation. “I saw younger boys and girls cheering me on and I realized that I had a responsibility for my impact on people. It’s so special to me,” she says. to know that there is a little girl watching me on Friday who is inspired to be independent and strong.”

Of course, Flair understands that there will be a time when she will lace up her boots and walk out of the ring. She wants to expand into the food industry with products and is considering the wholesale distribution of coffee beans.

His conclusion is that “food can be fun and anyone can enjoy it. Explore local places. Exercise and a healthy lifestyle are not a burden but a fun experience.

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