CF Wholesale’s Octane Loan Originating Technology Gives Brokers the Full Control They Want

From maintaining the client relationship to preparing documents, brokers take care of everything. And with today’s booming real estate market, they need to do even more. To maintain their portfolios while providing excellent service, brokers need a partner who can make it easy for them.

CF Wholesale provides brokers with the resources and technology to run their businesses and serve their clients. Brokers choose to work with CF Wholesale over and over again because of its in-house technology, innovative processes, and focus on service, all of which give brokers the power and freedom to do more, to close more. loans and ultimately grow their business. .

“For years we’ve heard brokers say ‘Leave it to me’,” said Colin Treend, executive vice president of wholesale. “At CF Wholesale, we give them the tools for self-service. We understood. Sometimes they do it faster when they do it themselves.

When a broker partners with CF Wholesale, they have access to Octane, their in-house loan origination technology that cuts down time and gives them full control. Its speed, efficiency and precision eliminate friction from the process and ensure that every critical deadline is met.

“Our brokers can be confident that Octane will work behind the scenes at breakthrough speed while spending more time where they need it – with clients and referral partners,” added Treend.

Octane’s high level of automation means brokers have fewer manual tasks to complete, giving them more time in their day to do more business. The technology offers:

  • Instant Circumstances Changes: With just a few clicks, a broker can change their client’s loan details, automatically disclose them, and instantly update their approval.
  • Close Readiness Control: Brokers can quickly generate their own closing documents, which means they can close their purchase loans on time.
  • Fragmentary Terms: Brokers can send documents as they are received from their clients. Octane also proactively accepts ad hoc terms to avoid last minute surprises.
  • Powerful pipeline: brokers can see all the details of their loans at a glance.
  • 24/7 Access: Octane is accessible all weekend long with lockdown and disclosure capability and legitimate point-of-sale approvals.
  • Real-time updates: The technology will send the broker a clear, automated email with an update on what is happening at each critical checkpoint. If there is anything that needs special attention, Octane lets brokers know quickly so they can communicate it to their clients.

In addition to regular maintenance, a new version of Octane is deployed every week, allowing the CF engineering team to continually improve the system.

“Our promise to our broker partners is that we really want them to be successful,” said Karl Benjamin, senior vice president of wholesale loans. “We’ve spent time and resources putting the right processes in place, and we’re keen to make sure our brokers’ concerns are addressed. We understand the weaknesses of the brokerage community.

Colin Treend, Executive Vice President of Wholesale Loans

Colin Treend, founding member of Cardinal Financial, helped transform the company into a mortgage company that leverages technology to cut costs while providing excellent service.


Karl Benjamin, Senior Vice President of Wholesale Loans

With over 20 years of experience, Karl Benjamin is a Certified Mortgage Banker and advocates for brokers because he believes they provide excellent service.

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