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Best things to do on the Jersey Shore

We like to think of Monmouth & Ocean Counties as the gems of the Garden State. And we are right. But sometimes the national advertising on New Jersey tends to sell us short and give way too much attention to other parts of the state. We love our fellow citizens …

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Open letter to Jersey Shore speeders

I’ve seen it way too many times, and now I’m angry. Really crazy. This is an open letter to idiots who drive 50 km / h on the side streets of the Jersey Shore. I was playing with my four and a half year old grandson on my very quiet …

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Utica Police Deal With Paintball Problems In Town

The Utica Police Department has faced a number of reports of property damage and injuries from paintball guns over the past two weeks. On Saturday evening, officials said officers had received information about a vehicle involved in the incidents. When officers attempted to stop the vehicle, it fled but was …

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