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Band Chayut Setboonsarng

BANGKOK, June 4 (Reuters)Thai food delivery start-up Line Man Wongnai said on Friday it was seeking investors to help grow the business and expand its national reach, after seeing a sharp increase in transactions mainly due to restrictions on coronavirus.

“We are in fundraising mode,” Managing Director Yod Chinsupakul told Reuters, adding that its current cycle would be open for “two to three months at most”.

In July, Line Man, the food delivery unit of Japanese chat app Line, merged with Thai restaurant aggregator Wongnai and raised $ 110 million from BRV Capital.

Yod believed the company’s valuation would exceed $ 1 billion, and that a realistic target for an initial public offering was within two to three years, and that capital markets outside of Thailand would also be examined.

Transactions on the platform have grown 5.5 times since last year, and the company aimed to cover Thailand’s 77 provinces by the end of the year, up from 55 currently.

Line Man Wongnai competes with tech giants like Grab, Go-Jek and Siam Commercial Bank’s Thailand-based food delivery units SCB.BK and True Food, owned by the telecommunications company True Corporation TRUE.BK.

Line Man Wongnai’s advantage over rivals comes from having access to 49 million users on Line’s messaging app and 600,000 restaurants in its database, which has reduced acquisition costs of customers and accelerated the addition of new restaurants, Yod said.

However, after launching its own fleet, the company had problems with its racers.

Scores protested outside his Bangkok office on Friday demanding better working conditions, such as insurance, better commission and free calls through the app.

The app has around 60,000 runners.

“They say they responded to our request, but nothing is happening,” said Line Man driver Adisorn Sinboonthu, who has driven about 80 km (49.71 miles) from his home and said that he was making around 200 baht ($ 6.40) a day after the phone and gasoline. expenses.

Earlier this week, the company said it would look into runners’ claims after a similar protest. Line Man Wongnai did not immediately respond to a Reuters request about the drivers’ requests.

($ 1 = 31.2300 baht)

(Reporting by Chayut Setboonsarng; editing by Martin Petty)

((, Twitter: @ChayutSet; +66854849033;))

The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

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IndyStar’s Guide to Food and Dining in the Indianapolis Area Thu, 03 Jun 2021 19:45:01 +0000

It’s been tough for all of us since March 2020. The Indianapolis food scene has held up better than many other markets, but we still lost some favorites during the pandemic.

Things are improving, however, with sporting events such as March Madness and the Indianapolis 500 fans and dining options at restaurants near the stadiums.

Popular hamburger and chicken salad restaurant chains (yes, that’s one thing) are finding the Indianapolis area attractive, and locally owned places that had been temporarily closed are coming back online.

We know you want to keep going out and supporting restaurants and eating great food. We are here to help you. With news on new restaurant openings and expansions and even a chance to say goodbye when longtime restaurants decide it’s time to go out of business.

We will update throughout the summer, so be sure to come back.

If there’s a place you can’t wait to open, let us know.

– Cheryl V. Jackson, food and beverage journalist for IndyStar. Contact her at or follow her on Twitter: @cherylvjackson.


Opening of 6 restaurants in the Indianapolis area in June: We’re getting new places for tacos, steaks, and Hawaiian food in the Indianapolis area next month. Residents of Castleton will see a new delivery-only option.

Tinker Street’s new menu is mind blowing: The popular Herron-Morton Place restaurant and wine bar, 21 and over, closed for on-site service since March 2020, reopened on May 18. The new menu includes carrot gnocchi, chickpea ravioli, ricotta fritters and cornbread for dessert.

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A look at Thailand’s trade deal with Mongolia Thu, 03 Jun 2021 01:46:48 +0000

Recent reports have confirmed the intention of the Thai authorities to increase the volume of trade with Mongolia. This is part of a long-term plan for bilateral trade between countries to reach up to US $ 100 million (3.1 billion baht) over the next two years.

All meeting details

This information was released following a meeting between Thai Minister of Commerce Jurin Laksanawisit and Tumur Amarsanaa, who is Mongolian Ambassador to Thailand. Both sides are keen to find new ways to boost trade between them and increase economic relations.

It was the first time that a Thai trade minister had participated in discussions like this with a Mongolian ambassador since the opening of the Mongolian embassy in Bangkok in 2000.

It is part of a five-year cooperation plan that began in 2019 and runs until 2023. The general idea is to increase the level of cooperation, investment and bilateral trade between the two countries.

What products could be more traded?

Among the products expected to be exported to Mongolia are rice and rubber, with Thailand, the world’s leading exporter of the latter in 2019. The amount of safe and quality food produced in Thailand means Mongolia could become an important market. It is also hoped that medical tourism in Thailand will become more popular among Mongolians through this agreement.

Other products that Thailand could send to Mongolia include paper and automotive products. From Mongolia, Thailand could import animals, textiles and metal ores. The annual average trade value between Thailand and Mongolia over the past five years is $ 49.8 million.

Currently, Mongolia ranks sixth among Thailand’s most important trading partners in East Asia. On a global basis, it is down to 126e place, however. Over the past five years, the average annual trade figure between countries is just under $ 50 million, and in 2020 it was less than $ 37 million.

How could this affect national currencies and commodity prices?

Ideally, this new plan for economic cooperation will help both countries prosper. One of the effects that trade deals like this can have is on the national currency. The right balance of imports and exports helps any country maintain a strong currency, while too many imports can lead to its devaluation.

Changes like this can be of interest to traders who trading CFDs on different commodities or currencies. This type of investment involves speculating on future prices without actually buying the asset. In this way, traders use leverage to potentially earn profits even on relatively small price changes.

When natural resources such as food and minerals become more in demand due to new or growing markets, it can cause their prices to increase accordingly. The Mongolian market may not be big enough to have a significant impact on the Baht or Thailand’s top exports, but it’s definitely worth keeping an eye out for new markets like opening up.

All of this means that the new approach to doing business between Thailand and Mongolia could benefit a wide range of people, from business owners to consumers and traders.

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RI restaurants sell their signature dishes at Daves. He Wed, 02 Jun 2021 08:54:57 +0000

Ellie’s cinnamon rolls in Providence? Burger sauce from Chomp Kitchen & Drinks? Marina or zuppa sauce from Quito’s, Bristol’s clam hut?

You can now purchase these new food items at well-known Rhode Island restaurants on Dave’s Fresh Market and other local and online stores for delivery.

On the shelves and in the dairy products window are also fresh corn cakes from La Arepa; packaged teas from Schaestea; Greek dips from Kleos; Indian spice blends from the local restaurant chain that includes Chaska and Rasoi; Aunt Carrie’s Clam Cake Mix; Bucktown Seasoning Blend; BBQ, Teriyaki & Mild Chili Sauces from Flatwaves Food Shack; and Black Pearl clam chowder.

Before long, you’ll find even more items, including pub pizzas, spanakopita, and vegan Greek meatballs from other restaurateurs.

These are Rhode Island’s new “resto-entrepreneurs”. The products come from the team at Hope & Main, the culinary business incubator, a grant from the Federal CARES Act, Rhode Island Commerce and Dave’s.

All have worked together to give the restaurants another source of income that will benefit them and the state economy, said Lisa Raiola, president and founder of Hope & Main.

A $ 130,000 technical assistance grant funded by CARES Act dollars enabled interested restaurants to transform menu items and cooking ingredients into consumer packaged products that can be sold at retail.

After:14 must-see clam shacks to satisfy your seafood craving around RI

Teas, spice blends, burger sauce, and marina and zuppa sauce are on Dave's shelves and sourced from restaurants across Rhode Island.

Hope & Main developed the program, named DishUp RI, late 2020. The retail restaurant’s first products were launched a few weeks ago and have already collected grant dollars and more, Raiola said.

The first dozen restaurants produced 600 items each for sale at Dave’s 10 locations. That’s $ 150,000 in retail sales, Raiola said.

Two other restaurants have also launched but have used their grant in different ways. Bywater in Warren has added The Bywater Bake Shop to the restaurant. Sin, the Providence dessert store, has developed a way to ship wrapped candy. Both are already successes.

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A food tour through Elmhurst will take place on Saturday, organizers aim to promote the neighborhood Tue, 01 Jun 2021 15:13:44 +0000

Instagram @homecomingnewyork

June 1, 2021 By Christina Santucci

A new community-led organization plans to showcase Elmhurst’s culinary offerings with a tour of the neighborhood take-out restaurants this weekend.

Participants will have the opportunity to sample Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian, Chinese and Taiwanese cuisine at Saturday’s event, hosted by the newly formed group. Back home.

The name of the group plays on coming to cook at home, said one of the organization’s founders, Bryan Lozano.

“But above all, I didn’t think there was a better way to represent the house than through the food. When I got the idea, it felt like a long winter for the neighborhood, so we were excited to bring people home, ”he said.

Lozano, a first generation Filipino American, has teamed up with several other first and second generation Americans from diverse backgrounds as well as cooking enthusiasts to create the group, which is in the process of applying to become an organization in non-profit.

During the restaurant tour, ticket holders will receive specialty dishes packaged in a take-out container at each of the five participating restaurants – and can choose to eat out or take out the food to go. The distance from start to finish is approximately half a mile.

The organizers will provide ticket holders with a “passport” card at the first location so that diners can receive their five courses. Returning home volunteers also plan to be on hand throughout the course to help participants.

At the first stop, participants will receive Tahu Isi – stuffed tofu – and cendol – a sweet frozen dessert – from Indo Java. Other dishes on the tour include pork and leek dumplings from Lao Bei Fang Dumpling House; a pork chop on rice Taiwanese gourmet; and Homemade Roti Canai – crispy Indian pancake served with curry chicken dip – from Malaysian Coconut Cuisine

The last stop of the crawl – EIM Khao Mun Kai Elmhurst – will serve Khao Mun Gai, or Thai chicken rice.

Roti Canai Photo: Abigail Faelnar

Homecoming sells tickets for timed intervals from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. – and only 25 tickets are available for each hour-long slot. Thursday will be the last day to buy tickets, said Lozano

Tickets for the Saturday exploration cost $ 60 – with $ 15 of that amount for five meals at New Life Pantry at Elmhurst.

Attendees can purchase a Homecoming-branded tote bag for an additional $ 20 – of which $ 15 would go toward the purchase of five additional meals for the pantry.

Organizers also plan to provide a number of tickets to frontline workers at Elmhurst Hospital, and the ticket price includes a 20% tip for each participating restaurant.

Lozano said he was eager to kick off the event in Elmhurst, and the founders of Homecoming are hoping to expand to other neighborhoods in the future.

He grew up in Elmhurst and returned to the neighborhood in December and sought to give back to the place that shaped its identity.

“I grew up playing mahjong and cricket in the park and eating all this amazing food. I had this really privileged childhood, ”he said.

Lozano highlighted how Elmhurst was hit hard by the pandemic – but also noted that some in the community struggled long before COVID-19 hit.

The neighborhoods of Elmhurst and South Corona had among the highest percentages of people experiencing food difficulties in the city – and the highest in Queens – according to Robin Hood. Poverty monitoring report in 2019. Food hardship identifies those who are short of food or fear of running out of food throughout the year.

Elmhurst / South Corona also had the second highest percentage of restaurant workers in the city in 2018, according to US census data. When the pandemic hit, many restaurant workers lost their jobs or saw their hours cut.

Meanwhile, the neighborhoods of Elmhurst and South Corona were among those with the lowest percentages of restaurants and bars receiving COVID-related PPP loans, according to a 2020 report from the State Comptroller’s Office.

Pork chop on rice (Photo: Abigail Faelnar)

“We had a simple idea. Let’s do something tangible that we can see in our communities, ”said Lozano.

The founders of Homecoming hope the exploration will showcase Elmhurst’s restaurants and business owners – who “represent the spirit, culture and vibrancy of the neighborhood.”

“It’s not just about encouraging people to come here, it’s about building a relationship with the people behind the food. We want you to hear their stories, ”Lozano said.

To do this, Homecoming provides an audio guide of participating restaurants through the app, Gesso, and features restaurant owner videos on Instagram.

“We founded Homecoming because for us, home isn’t just where you live, it’s the communities you come from, the restaurants you support and the people you love,” the organization wrote. sure social media.

Event planners also schedule garbage collection so that garbage is not left behind at every stop.

“When it comes to values, we want to make sure everything works, doesn’t create a nuisance and supports the neighborhood in general,” Lozano said.

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Thailand reports record virus cases, Bangkok eases lockdown Mon, 31 May 2021 15:22:22 +0000

BANGKOK (AP) – Thailand was stepping up efforts to stop the spread of the coronavirus in labor camps, factories and markets as the number of new cases reported rose to its highest level on Monday.

A government spokesperson said public health officials are meeting with labor and industry representatives to discuss better ways to reduce infections that are clustered in crowded and high-risk places.

The government reported 5,485 new cases on Monday, including nearly 2,000 in prisons. Confirmed deaths have increased by 19, bringing the total to 1,031 since the start of the pandemic.

Still, the governor of Bangkok has said the city will ease some restrictions in the event of a pandemic, reopening parks, massage parlors and beauty salons, but with precautions such as mandatory masks. Other limits remain in place, such as closing bars and entertainment venues and banning the serving of alcohol in restaurants.

Thailand has succeeded in largely containing the outbreaks, at a high economic cost, especially to tourism, as foreign visitors are largely barred from entering the country. That changed in early April, when a cluster of cases focusing on Bangkok bars and clubs spread as many people were traveling during the Thai New Year holidays from one year to the next. week.

The total number of confirmed cases has now risen to 159,792, of which 82% occurred during the last outbreak. Most cases are concentrated in prisons, housing for construction workers, factories, slums and social housing areas.

Last week, workers protested the conditions at the factory where they worked in Petchaburi, central Thailand. Photos posted online showed workers quarantined in a large empty building, with blankets arranged in rows on a concrete floor.

The Cal-Comp Electronics (Thailand) factory, one of the largest electronics suppliers to large companies like Western Digital, Seagate, Hewlett Packard and Panasonic, closed for 14 days as of May 21 and reported on Friday 3 730 confirmed cases.

Company officials addressed questions to the provincial government, which said a prolonged blackout had increased frustration among workers, but conditions improved with the provision of more water. , better food and fans to circulate the air better.

Bangkok reported 1,356 cases on Monday. A spokesperson for the government’s Coronavirus Center, Apisamai Srirangsan, said the capital was dealing with 45 clusters.

Authorities were looking at ways to prevent infections from spreading between workers who live, work and travel nearby.

“We noticed that workers from different factories sometimes live in the same area and the virus has spread to other places. Or another assumption is that a lot of them work as contractors, so they have to move from site to site all the time, ”Apisamai said.

In parts of Bangkok and elsewhere, workers have been ordered to stay inside construction sites.

So far, about 3.3% of the country’s roughly 69 million people have received at least one dose of the vaccine. The government has only obtained 7 million doses of the vaccine in total.

The government has negotiated for more supplies that would allow it to completely inoculate around 70% of the population by the end of the year. His previous plans would only have allowed about 45% of the population to be vaccinated.

The government has been pushing to reopen the country to tourism, even as it strives to quell this latest and greatest epidemic as the pandemic strangles the economy.

Central bank governor Sethaput Suthiwartnarueput believes growth may not return to pre-pandemic levels until the start of 2023, the Bangkok Post and other local media said at a seminar on Monday.

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Thai government accused of covering up AstraZeneca’s supply problems Mon, 31 May 2021 03:35:43 +0000

Roll, roll …

The Thai government has said all foreign nationals living in the Kingdom should register for the vaccination, ahead of the nationwide rollout next month. The news was confirmed by Natapanu Nopakun of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who you may be familiar with from the daily English briefings on behalf of the administration of the Covid-19 situation.

“All people living on Thai soil, Thais and foreign nationals, are urged to register for vaccination through the designated channels, if they wish to receive the Covid-19 vaccine.”

According to the Bangkok Post, various agencies have been tasked with handling the registration of foreigners living in Thailand. Natapanu says foreigners should contact the relevant agency to register for the vaccination.

“For example, the vaccinations of diplomats, members of international organizations and foreign media are coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Foreign students are under the responsibility of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation. Migrant workers from neighboring countries are supported by the Social Security Office. Spouses of Thai citizens, retirees, investors, and all other foreign nationals are advised to contact the hospital with their health records or register locally at designated vaccination locations. Businesses and organizations can also liaise with the Ministry of Public Health to organize vaccination schedules for their employees, regardless of nationality. “

The vaccination will be done primarily using Sinovac and AstraZeneca, but Natapanu says additional doses are being sought from other manufacturers. He adds that the first batch of locally made products AstraZeneca doses are expected next month, and the government’s goal is to vaccinate 70% of the population by the end of the year.

According to Natapanu, the private sector can import its own vaccine supplies, but must do so through the Government Pharmaceutical Organization.

“Most manufacturers will not sell Covid-19 vaccines directly to private companies, as these vaccines are approved for emergency use only. With this option, people will be able to choose their preferred vaccine even if it differs from those provided by the government. However, these vaccines have yet to be approved by the WHO, Thai FDA or the Department of Public Health. “

Last week, in a surprise move, the Chulabhorn Research Academy confirmed it was importing supplies of another Chinese vaccine, Sinopharm, to accelerate government deployment. The Food and Drug Administration approved the vaccine on May 28.

Sinopharm joins Sinovac, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson and Moderna as fifth vaccine approved for emergency use. To date, however, there has been no confirmation of when supplies of the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine or the Moderna vaccine might be available.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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COSMO all-you-can-eat buffet to reopen in Sheffield Sun, 30 May 2021 10:16:00 +0000

Cosmo resumes operations in Sheffield on Monday June 7th.

Cosmo resumes operations in Sheffield on Monday June 7th.

COSMO Sheffield, located in the City Lofts towers in St Paul’s Place, in the city center, is expected to return on Monday June 7th.

They offer a wide selection of international cuisines with over 150 dishes on offer as part of an all-you-can-eat dining experience.

However, the restaurant has announced that it will not serve alcoholic beverages at this time.

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Since opening in 2003, COSMO has grown across the UK and is renowned for its teppanyaki experts who grill steaks and fresh seafood right in front of your eyes while the chefs offer an endless array of dishes.

Guests can enjoy a traditional Sunday roast turkey or gammon with all the garnishes of their English meat.

They also offer a wide range of Asian dishes, with dishes from all seven districts of China, as well as mouthwatering Thai dishes flavored with galangal and lemongrass and classic Indian curries.

If you’re looking for comfort food, you’ll be delighted to find Italian stone-baked pizzas, Italian pasta dishes, and crispy southern fried chicken.

At dinner time, you can choose from an extensive collection of continental cheeses, olives and cold cuts.

Once you’ve finished your main course, you can sample the delights of the COSMO dessert menu – choose from traditional British cakes and homemade puddings with delicate profiteroles built by expert pastry chefs.

If you plan to visit between Monday and Friday, adult prices are £ 15.99, while on Saturdays you’ll pay £ 16.99 and on Sundays and holidays you’ll pay a pound less.

For children, Monday to Sunday during school holidays and public holidays, the price is £ 7.99

Outside of school holidays, Monday through Sunday, only dinner is priced at £ 7.99.

Lunch is only offered on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

In accordance with coronavirus regulations, the restaurant advises that whenever possible, tables should be reserved.

If you are visiting the buffet, you should sanitize your hands, wear a face mask, and wear disposable gloves which will be provided to you.

To reserve a table visit

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What kind of impact will Tight End rookie Jacob Harris have on the Rams? Sat, 29 May 2021 18:11:08 +0000

While Sean McVay and the Los Angeles Rams attack was rightly delighted to welcome Matthew stafford To replace Jared goff, one of the potential thorns on the Los Angeles offensive side is the talent at the start that will leave yards on the field for the Rams’ offense.

Both Josh reynolds (618 receiving yards in 2020) and tight end Gerald Everett (417 yards) have packed their bags out of Inglewood and may leave a depleted arsenal for Stafford should Robert woods continue to see a decrease in the production exhibited since 2018, or Cooper Kupp miss anytime.

What kind of impact will Beginner Tight end Jacob Harris Do you have for rams?

The 2021 draft was an interesting game for The Sneads and Rams, who brought in a second-round catcher and a tight end from UCF. Jacob Harris in the fourth.

With Tyler higbee Now leading the tight final position for the Los Angeles Rams, rookie Jacob Harris arrives with impressive speed to add versatility to the position after losing a key component in the offseason.

Harris’ likelihood of being an X-factor for this offense in his one rookie year is far away. McVay and coaching staff are more likely to lean on the rookie Atwell tutuinclusion in the offense. With a shell of DeSean Jackson left and 29 years old Robert woods on his slight decline, Atwell will be poised to be a primary target for Stafford and the Rams in the future. With second year receiver Van jefferson also simultaneous development at the receiver level to add to this arsenal.

Jacob Harris walks into a VERY light frame for a tight NFL end, weighing 218 pounds, which puts him in the Julio Jones, Davante Adams volume spectrum. For reference, Everett and Higbee are both in the 240s.

While Harris’s weight leaves some qualities to be desired, the tight end has earned a reputation for displaying bizarre athletic talent. Some fans are wondering if the tight end’s physical attributes would allow him to part ways as a receiver after flashing a 4.39 40-fold 40.5-inch vertical.

The team previously used a tandem of Gerald Everett and Tyler higbee to make one of the best duos in football. After losing Everett to the Seattle Seahawks, Higbee will take most of the reception for McVay’s 12 staff, two tight end packs.


Over the past two seasons with the Rams, Higbee has amassed 1,255 yards and eight touchdowns. According to PFF, Higbee was on the 18the best player for the job. With the addition of Stafford to the attack after two lukewarm years of Goff, Higbee’s potential as a low-end TE1 only increases.

What Harris presents in terms of potential for the Rams offense is a prospect. Or project, as many analysts dub players with excess physical or mental attributes, uneven wobbling rather than balance. Harris has an advantage because of his physical abilities, but his limitations with dropping catches and no blocking potential leave him like a dark horse for the Rams’ offense if he saw time on the ground more. Johnny mundt or Brycen Hopkins.

The good news remains that the dressing room will be home to a physical beast of a player, with a strong determination to start winning now – pretty much in point with the Rams’ mission this coming season.

Los Angeles Rams Tight End / Wide Receiver Jacob Harris.  Photo credit: Los Angeles Rams team website

Los Angeles Rams Tight End / Wide Receiver Jacob Harris. Photo credit: Los Angeles Rams Team Site

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Skagway Businesses Adapt to News Cruise Ships May Visit This Summer | Radio KHNS Sat, 29 May 2021 01:04:38 +0000

Earlier in May, major cruise lines were given the green light to resume crossings to Alaska, after losing the tourist season last summer due to the pandemic.

This is good news for communities like Skagway, where cruise tourism is essential to the local economy. The city has seen a 95% drop in its overall revenue due to the pandemic. But, at the same time, businesses here are faced with tough decisions, many unsure of how to operate for what looks like a short cruise season in 2021.

The Red Onion Saloon is one of Skagway’s signature businesses during the Gold Rush era. The historic brothel and saloon have been open since late April and serve pizza, drinks and the occasional live music to the people of Skagway. In a typical year, they were packed at lunchtime with hungry tourists hoping to spot a rogue garter. But at the moment, bar stools are largely unoccupied during the day.

With the news of cruise ships on the horizon, COO Liz Lavoie says the Red Onion is looking to increase its staff for kitchen, bar and tour operations.

For the past two years, everyone has been making weekly and weekend plans, rejecting those plans and starting the next week to do more. We are very enthusiastic and we are going to be staffed, ”said Lavoie.

Dustin Craney, the owner of Sockeye Cycle, says his business is quite fortunate compared to others, as they had already opened a store in Haines and Skagway, and so most of their fixed costs are already taken care of.

We were really focused on our multi-day tour operations and the arrival of independent travelers to the Upper Lynn Canal. And so we had a good response for that and had a lot of bookings and so we feel lucky that we were already operating and all the insurances were in place and all the permits were in place, ”Craney said.

Craney also said he won’t have to add a lot of staff either. They are one of the lucky ones.

Chilkoot Charters typically run day trips by bus to Canada’s Yukon Territory, but with the border still closed due to Canada’s pandemic response, owner Stacy Gould says they will not be able to operate for the season shortened.

As far as our business goes, all but one of our tours cross that international border, so we’re still at a dead end, ”said Gould.

Chris and Kathy Wassman, owners of Taiya River Arts, sold their home at the start of the pandemic and moved to Oregon. Their shop on Skagway’s main drag, Broadway Street, is already open for the season, even without the property being present, but is open in a limited capacity.

Kathy Wassman says they won’t make the final decision on whether to come in to work at the store and increase hours until a concrete schedule for cruise ship arrivals is released.

We really need that last little confirmation that this is happening, (if) it will be worth finding accommodation and you know, that’s just a lot, ”Wassman said.

As with most retail stores in town, sourcing products will be difficult. Usually orders are made months in advance, but without a solid timeline that’s not an option this year. Many retail stores have products left over from 2019, and with most orders halted in 2020, many stores will need to build on existing inventory.

Judd Davis owns and operates the Starfire Restaurant in Skagway. They mainly serve Thai food. Davis says their menu is not suited to the typical tourist visiting Alaska, so they just don’t know how to do it.

I have no idea when the ships are coming. I don’t know if any tour operators are going to open. I’m not sure if, for Starfire in particular, I’m not sure if the crew members are going to be released from the ships, which is my bread and butter for lunches, ”Davis said.

Davis said restaurants in town will try to work together to develop a plan to feed the people who come. Some establishments will be open in the evenings for locals and seasonal workers in the city, while others will try to tackle what could be a lunch rush.

Some cruise lines started accepting bookings at the end of July, but port agreements have not yet been finalized with the Municipality of Skagway for any of them; leaving business owners in the dark as they attempt to plan for an uncertain summer season.

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