Spicy Food

These spicy cactus snacks will satisfy your crunch cravings

These-spicy-cactus-snacks-are-guaranteed-to-satisfy-your-crunchy-cravings-and-they-help-break-the-glass-ceiling-image-courtesy of Nemi-Snacks Courtesy of Nemi Snacks When Regina Trillo first moved to Chicago ten years ago, she booked it into a grocery store as soon as her flight landed to check out the authentic Mexican foods available. The Mexico City native headed down the “ethnic” aisle, hoping to discover …

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Pascale’s cuisine: Pita bread & salads

Sometimes we crave simple, easy-to-prepare foods. Below you will find recipes for delicious salads when accompanied by a piece of fresh pita bread, for which I have also included a recipe. It may seem at first glance that making pita bread at home is complicated, but it really isn’t. All …

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Out and about on WRAL.com

By Kathy Hanrahan, WRAL Lifestyle Editor Raleigh, North Carolina – The North Carolina State Fair offered a preview of some of its new food products on Monday. This year, sweet and spicy food is on the menu. Here is a look at the new Out & About articles we tested …

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