Spicy Food

Do we really need more controversial ideas?

Over 30,000 academic journals publish over two million articles each year, which works out to about 5,000 per day or about 200 per hour. It’s a lot; too much, some argued. It is not true that most of these articles are not cited (Nature put the lie to this myth …

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How to use onions, garlic, shallots and more

Spring onions can be harvested when their bulbs are as thin as pencils or as plump as apples. When lean, they look like green onions, and in some parts of the country the terms “spring onions” and “green onions” are used interchangeably. But real green onions are actually a separate …

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Foods to include and avoid, recipe ideas, etc.

The colostomy diet is a diet that doctors recommend for people recovering from colostomy surgery. Although a colostomy does not affect a person’s ability to eat or digest food, consuming certain foods will make the recovery period more manageable. During a colostomy, surgeons move one end of the colon through …

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