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5 best pickle options to spruce up any meal

Pickle is considered an important accompaniment that can spruce up any meal. Whether it’s a boring khichdi, a daliya, a paratha, or even a simple chapati. You can eat it anytime and with almost anything. From lemon pickle to the popular mango pickle to chili pickle, there is a range …

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Eating for heat during pregnancy

It’s probably hard to believe that you have a six month old baby, but somehow you are there. Gone are the days of newborn babies and days of sitting ready for solids, how you got so tall. Your baby will grow and change a lot this month, as will their …

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Easy and Easy Rasam Recipe Every Student Needs

Whether it’s to cure your homesickness or fight a cold, rasam, a popular spicy and tangy soup, is a healthy food choice you can make in under 30 minutes. And the best part? A rasam recipe is quite easy to recreate in a student kitchen. Rasam is a staple in …

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