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Bolivia is known for its culture which also translates into its food – and these South American dishes are some of the best.

South American cuisine is diverse, full of bold flavors, and is often one of the most memorable things for tourists who visit. With influences from the surrounding terrain which in Bolivia’s case means a desert and tropical climate between the Atacama Desert and the Amazon Basin, the food is unlike any other in the world.

Bolivia uses classic ingredients to transform them into new flavors depending on the dish they’re used in, and each bite seems to burst with a unique taste. For those in Bolivia, here are the best foods to try.

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In case a traveler is very hungry during their stay in Bolivia, then slipnacho is the dish for them. This oversized food plate includes boiled or steamed potatoes, beef or chicken, and fried eggs on a bed of fluffy white rice. On top of that, a layer of fresh parsley, beets and onions makes for a deliciously sweet and bright garnish. The dish was first created in Cochabamba and is still an iconic dish of Bolivia today.

Arroz Con Queso

As the name suggests, this dish, quite simply, is rice and cheese. However, this is not just any ordinary cheese and rice dish; in Bolivia, arroz con queso is made from semi-firm white cheese. The cheese has just a hint of salty and a tangy flavor and makes an extraordinary creamy dish when heat is added. The consistency is similar to that of an Italian risotto thanks to the Arborio rice used.


Many people know chicarróns, but in Bolivia they can be found almost everywhere. These crispy and crispy fried pork rinds are the perfect snack for travelers who are on the go and they always hit the spot. The dish is believed to originate from Andalusia but has now made its way throughout Bolivia, and it’s a popular favorite among locals.

Macho Pique

This interesting dish is easily recognized by the hard-boiled egg slices resting on it. The base layer of this dish consists of French fries which are submerged under layers of hot dogs, ground beef, eggs, cheese, chilies and peppers. Locals don’t hold back when it comes to condiments either, and they’re usually topped with a mix of mustard, ketchup, and mayonnaise. The final touch comes in the form of hard-boiled eggs and while it’s certainly a mouthful of flavors, it all works satisfactorily together.

Picante De Pollo

Also known as spicy chicken, Picante de Pollo is another classic Bolivian dish incredibly popular with locals and at many restaurants. For this dish, pieces of chicken are cooked with potatoes, onions, tomatoes, peas, aji Amarillo peppers (the characteristic spicy flavor) and chicken broth. The sauce that remains is then flavored with bold spices such as cumin, oregano and garlic to complete the dish.


It’s Bolivia’s national dish and although these treats are small, they also have a powerful flavor. Salteñas can be found all over the country and consist of a filling of chicken or beef wrapped in a dough that is pinched closed and baked in the oven. Spices such as cumin, oregano and adobo seeds are what give these little pockets of delicacies their signature flavor. The sweetness of the dough contrasts with the savory, slightly spicy filling and creates a blend of flavors that make it a favorite among all Bolivian dishes.

Sopa De Maní

Also known as peanut soup, this dish has been seen on Chef not so long ago. While popular long before it was seen on national television, it was a favorite throughout Bolivia. The soup consists of white peanuts as a base (hence its classic nutty flavor), mixed vegetables, pieces of beef or chicken and macaroni. When the soup is finished, it is garnished with a slightly unusual garnish: fries! The result is something quite unique with balanced flavors, and it has made many Bolivian travelers rethink how much they underestimated peanuts.


It seems almost every country has its own version of meat on a skewer and the anticucho is the Bolivian version. This dish takes its name from the Quechua language and consists of beef hearts seasoned with oil, garlic, cumin and yellow pepper. The skewers are grilled over open fire and give an incredibly tender meat full of flavor thanks to all its spices. When the meat is fully cooked, it is served with a spicy peanut chili sauce with a side of potatoes.

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Halloween Horror Nights 30 has started and special themed dining options are available at Universal Studios in Florida. A Wicked Growth: Realm of the Pumpkin-themed food stand is located near the London-Krustyland Bridge.

Wicked Growth Themed Booth Menu

  • 🆕 Field of Screams Gyoza: Spicy Ground Turkey and Butternut Squash Filled Dumplings – $ 8.49
  • 🆕 Pumpkin Guts (Vegan): zucchini and squash ring with roasted hazelnuts and pumpkin seeds – $ 9.49
  • 🆕 Pumpkin Dulce de Leche Churros: churros filled with dulce de leche – $ 6.69
  • 🆕 Bog Slime: gin, lime juice and homemade matcha-cardamom syrup in a souvenir cup – $ 14.99

* NEW * Champ de cris – $ 8.49

Spicy Ground Turkey and Butternut Squash Gyoza Stuffed Dumplings


The gyoza is fantastic. The turkey and squash were hearty with a tangy flavor that paired well with the citrus ponzu sauce.

* NEW * Pumpkin Guts (vegan) – $ 9.49

Zucchini and squash ring with roasted hazelnuts and pumpkin seeds


The noodle dish is not only beautifully presented, but each bite delivers more flavor. Don’t miss out on this vegan dish, even if you’re not a vegan. Each ingredient is of high quality and packed with a ton of rich flavor.

* NEW * Pumpkin Churros Dulce de Leche – $ 6.69

churros stuffed with dulce de leche


It was a standard churro filled with dulce de leche cream. The cream was thick and tasty, but there wasn’t much of it. We unfortunately did not taste any pumpkin or pumpkin spice flavor. It’s good and easy to eat, but would be best with frosting or gravy.

* NEW * Bog Jelly – $ 14.99

homemade gin, lime juice and matcha-cardamom syrup in a souvenir mug


Bog Slime was our absolute favorite pre-mixed drink at the event. It’s soft, but not too much. It tasted a bit like a subtle bittersweet blend. The lime passed, but the matcha-cardamom was undetectable.

Location of the “Wicked Growth: Realm of the Pumpkin” booth during Halloween Horror Nights 30

The ‘Wicked Growth: Realm of the Pumpkin’ themed food stand can be found near London Bridge in Krustyland, as indicated by the orange star on the map below.


For more information on Universal Studios around the world, follow Universal Parks News Today on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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Lal Maas, Tawa Mutton and more: try these 7 hot and spicy mutton curries at home http://joypeppers.com/lal-maas-tawa-mutton-and-more-try-these-7-hot-and-spicy-mutton-curries-at-home/ http://joypeppers.com/lal-maas-tawa-mutton-and-more-try-these-7-hot-and-spicy-mutton-curries-at-home/#respond Fri, 24 Sep 2021 08:45:35 +0000 http://joypeppers.com/lal-maas-tawa-mutton-and-more-try-these-7-hot-and-spicy-mutton-curries-at-home/

All the western TV shows and sitcoms created this troupe that Indians love spicy food, and for once they’re not wrong. Indians love spicy food! India is home to some of the hottest peppers in the world. Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Kashmir cultivate hot red peppers which we use daily in our basic cooking. We are looking for the spiciness in our dal, achaar, sabzi, literally in everything. So why not look for it in our mutton curries? We’ve created a list of the spiciest mutton curries we can find for all mutton lovers to challenge the amount of spice we can handle in our food. If you consider yourself a lover of spicy food, you’ll love all of these seven mutton curries.

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Here are 7 spicy mutton curries for you to enjoy:

1.Rogan Josh

We’ve all heard of this classic Kashmiri mutton dish. Rogan Josh is made from Kashmiri red chili peppers to give us a delicious blend of Kashmiri flavors.

Click here for Rogan Josh’s full recipe.

2.Gongura Mamsam

This mutton curry from Andra Pradesh is known for its spiciness. Curry combines the sour taste of gongura (sorrel) leaves with chili pepper and mutton to give you rich, spicy flavors.

Click here for the full Gongura Mamsam recipe.

Enjoy mutton do pyaza with rice.

3.Moutton Do Pyaza

This classic mutton curry became popular thanks to the Punjabi dhabas and the spiciness of this dish has managed to find a place in our hearts.

Click here for the full Mutton Do Pyaza recipe.

4.Lagan Ka Gosht

This mutton curry is loved by people of all ages and is a party hit. It uses familiar flavors of ginger paste and garlic and chili peppers to give it a masaledaar taste.

Click here for the full Lagan Ka Gosht recipe.

5.Lal Maas

This classic Rajasthani dish is sure to win the hearts of spice lovers. Lal maas is made with authentic Rajasthani red peppers, known for their spiciness.

Click here for the full Lal Maas recipe.


Tawa sheep go well with naan.

6. Tawa sheep

It is a boneless mutton curry bathed in a spicy sauce made with onions, tomatoes and fresh green peppers. This mutton curry is tangy, spicy and a hit with all mutton lovers.

Click here for the full Tawa mutton recipe.

7. Mutton fry

Another delicious mutton curry from Andhra Pradesh, this aromatic and spicy dish can be served as a curry and as a snack. The best part about sheep fry is that they can be ready in under an hour.

Click here for the full Mutton Fry recipe.

Try these recipes and share how you liked them in the comments section.

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Impossible Foods pork product arrives in US, Ruby Tuesday http://joypeppers.com/impossible-foods-pork-product-arrives-in-us-ruby-tuesday/ http://joypeppers.com/impossible-foods-pork-product-arrives-in-us-ruby-tuesday/#respond Thu, 23 Sep 2021 17:37:04 +0000 http://joypeppers.com/impossible-foods-pork-product-arrives-in-us-ruby-tuesday/

Impossible Foods’ latest meat alternative – a ground pork product it unveiled in 2020, at CES – is technically hitting tables today. Only that’s not a bunch of them: according to the company’s press release, the new Impossible Pork debuts tonight at New York’s Momofuku Ssäm Bar, where famed David Chang restaurant will serve it on its spicy rice cakes. (Call it a loyalty reward: Chang was the first chef to serve Impossible’s flagship burgers in 2016, too.)

On October 4, a few other restaurants get their hands on the product, some of them outside of the United States this time – Ruby Tuesday chain here in America, as well as Hong Kong Chinese fast food chain MX and l original Tim Ho Wan, the Michelin-starred hotspot for cheap eating. In November, he moved to four restaurants in Singapore.

According to the company, real pork contains the same amount of protein as Impossible pork, whose main ingredient is soy, including soy leghemoglobin, Impossible’s “secret sauce” that “bleeds” – but the herbal product has no cholesterol, a third less saturated fat and fewer calories. As always, Impossible argues that it’s not only healthier than its animal counterpart, but also tastier.

Impossible obviously also claims that its products are better for the planet, although this claim has come under close scrutiny. While cows and chickens are our top meat choices in America, they aren’t everywhere. “From bao buns and pork to kielbasa to feijoada and barbecued ribs, cultural dishes from around the world are contributing to humanity’s voracious demand for pork,” Impossible said, adding that large-scale pig production around the world “releases excessive amounts of nitrogen and phosphorus into the environment, and large doses of copper and zinc given to pigs to promote their growth accumulate in our soil “.

Alternative proteins continue to gain in popularity as consumers become more aware of the environmental impact of animal agriculture, according to industry studies that produce up to 18% of greenhouse gas emissions of the earth. Impossible retorts that its pork product “is much more sustainable”, producing about 75% less greenhouse gas emissions and using between 81% and 85% less water, and 66% and 82% less. land.

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Only herbal! Mayonnaise, sour cream and salad dressings launched in the United States http://joypeppers.com/only-herbal-mayonnaise-sour-cream-and-salad-dressings-launched-in-the-united-states/ http://joypeppers.com/only-herbal-mayonnaise-sour-cream-and-salad-dressings-launched-in-the-united-states/#respond Thu, 23 Sep 2021 01:14:54 +0000 http://joypeppers.com/only-herbal-mayonnaise-sour-cream-and-salad-dressings-launched-in-the-united-states/

Award-winning brand rolls out in stores from New York to Los Angeles

Move over, egg-based mayo – there’s a brand new hatchback this fall. It is ultra-creamy and comes in several tasty flavors. It is storage stable and heatable, and it is safe in the sun. It’s completely egg-free. It’s only herbal!

Offering a range of plant-based mayos and sauces to delight vegans, flexitarians and omnivores, the Great Taste Award-winning Only Plant Based recipe! The brand was co-developed in the United States and Northern Ireland, where mayonnaise is the queen of condiments. After successful launches in the UK, EU and Asia Pacific, the brand was introduced in the US this year.

Boasting an “incredible taste and epic texture”, the original rich and creamy mayo was the first plant-based! product to deploy here. Spicy chipotle mayo and garlic mayo will soon follow. Zesty American ranch dressing and velvety sour cream recently joined the lineup, with more flavor on the way. All are available in 11 and 40 ounce jars.

Made primarily from culinary rapeseed oil, alcohol vinegar, vegetables and spices, only herbal! The products also differ from conventional mayos, sour creams and dressings because they are heated and do not require refrigeration.

“These products are shelf stable and, as we saw at the recent Dot Foods trade show, quick service restaurants love them,” said Vegano Foods Chief Consultant George Vutetakis. “They’re delicious on their own, won’t break down in a sauce, and are a must-have solution for chefs and home cooks.”

Only herbal! was recently appointed a member of the Plant Based Foods Association (PBFA), which represents the country’s leading plant-based food companies.

Speaking of the original mayo, Vutetakis adds, “The taste and quality sells it – when people try it, they buy it. It really is a cross product. It’s the only mayo you need.

Only herbal! mayos, salad dressings and sour cream are available at more than 380 grocery stores and restaurants in Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York and other cities in the United States. They can also be ordered online through Kroger, Walmart, Vegan Essentials, GTFO It’s Vegan, Fake Meats, Amazon and other online retailers.

“We’re here on a large scale serving retail, foodservice and manufacturing. This is a real herbal mayonnaise, made by mayonnaise enthusiasts.

Only herbal! will exhibit virtually at the upcoming Expo East September 22-25, Virtual Fancy Food Show in New York, Plant Based Food Expo in New York, and other trade and vegetarian shows across the United States

Follow updates on Instagram @onlyplantbasedfoods and Facebook @Only Plant Based Foods USA.

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American model Gigi Hadid had taken the international fashion world by storm and her relationship with Zayn Malik had made her a favorite among One Direction fans. Today the couple celebrated their daughter’s first birthday and the party is not worth missing out on. Gigi Hadid took to Instagram to share glimpses of her daughter Khai Hadid Malik’s birthday and the best thing about the party is the colorful cake! The party decor was filled with bright colors and the cake was to match!

The decoration so full of balloons.


The party had a bouncy castle.

One year old’s birthday cake was all a kid could ask for! The cake is different from the usual three tier cake we see. The bleachers are placed upside down, causing us to question gravity itself! The cake is balanced by a cute edible elephant, and it has a pink fondant base with pops of colors like blue, yellow, orange and more. It also has a rainbow starting from one level of the cake and landing on another cake. We think the cake is too good to eat, but of course any birthday is incomplete without a delicious cake. Gigi Hadid writes “The most amazing WORLD PARTY cake we could ever ask for …” This is what it looked like:


Khai’s birthday cake.

When Gigi Hadid was pregnant with her daughter, she explained how she would stuff herself with spicy food – “lol, I was a psycho pregnant person”. The new mother’s pantry was stocked with garam masala, tandoori masala, cumin seeds, and other spices common to Indian households. Obviously, Gigi Hadid knows food well, her love for Indian masala and her daughter’s gorgeous birthday cake gave us confidence in the model’s food choices. We can’t wait to see what she eats next!

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Meet 2022 NFL Draft Hope Colton Lamson, OT, UC Davis http://joypeppers.com/meet-2022-nfl-draft-hope-colton-lamson-ot-uc-davis/ http://joypeppers.com/meet-2022-nfl-draft-hope-colton-lamson-ot-uc-davis/#respond Tue, 21 Sep 2021 23:05:08 +0000 http://joypeppers.com/meet-2022-nfl-draft-hope-colton-lamson-ot-uc-davis/

Colton Lamson is a mauler and the anchor of UC Davis’ offensive line. He recently spoke with NFL Draft Diamonds writer Jimmy williams.

Talk about your experience as a student. What is your major / minor? Did you participate in any other campus activities or organizations other than football?
I had a great university experience as a student. I started my academic career at Sacramento City College majoring in Criminal Justice, and when I transferred to Davis I changed my major to Sociology with a focus on Law and Society. I will also be graduating from Davis with a minor in education and a minor in US history. Outside of football the only activities I really participated in was intramural softball with a ton of guys on the team.

What do your teammates think is your best quality?
I hope my teammates will say my work ethic is my best quality. Every day I try to never be overworked and believe my work ethic is why I play even at Division 1 level. I just hope I can set a good example every day on the pitch. training and in the weight room. Our expectation here at UC Davis is that we work hard every day.

What kind of role do you see yourself in the team? Which plan and / or position is right for your skills?
I see myself in a veteran leadership role here in Davis. I’m one of the oldest guys on the squad and have been here almost as long as anyone. I believe it’s my job to help set the standard for our young guys. In our offensive line room, my role is to set the tone for the physicality of our stance. I think I’m best suited for an attack that runs the ball and lets his offensive line be physical and mean while controlling the running game. That’s what we have here at Davis, the one who likes to set the race and then let our skillful players relax and take over the defenses.

Who is the best player you played against in college?
The best guy I ever played against was Derek Tuszka from North Dakota State. He was a super efficient and diverse running advocate as any I have met.

Which of your teammates impresses you the most?
Our QB Hunter Rodrigues impresses me enormously. Dude just has a killer mindset and just wants to win at all costs. If that means airing it out or taking the ball out of the ball it doesn’t matter to him, he just wants to win

Describe a time in your life when you were successful in overcoming a struggle.
I would say my biggest fight I’ve overcome was to transition from the Junior College defensive end to the attacking tackle here at Davis. The closest I’ve ever been to playing O-line before coming here was the tight end in high school. The first year at Davis was tough. I’m not sure I won a 1-on-1 rep all season because the position was new to me. Still, the coaches were really good to me and kept throwing me into their baptism of fire kind of thing, and I think that really really helped me.

If you weren’t playing football, what other sport would you play?
I think I would play baseball. After graduating from high school, I had a few opportunities to play baseball. I am left-handed and I pitched. So that got me a little bit of attention. Still, I’m definitely a football player at heart and committed to the game.

What are you most proud of? What do you think is your greatest achievement?
I think my biggest achievement and what I’m most proud of is playing division 1 football and going to one of the top 10 public schools in the world. I think the fact that my brother and I are playing college football at the same time, even though on different teams, is amazing. Playing college football is something we both dreamed of and talked about since we were little kids.

Describe one of the most memorable pieces of your college career.
I think the most memorable plays of my career happened last spring against Idaho State. We had to make a 2 minute touchdown to win the game and we ended up running to win the game when time ran out. Just being able to tidy up this game as an offensive line was great for me.

Do you have a favorite athlete or a professional team? Is there a player you’re modeling your game on?
I’m a huge Rams fan, so this is for sure my favorite NFL team. Although I am also a huge fan of Taylor Lewan. I like the way he plays the game from an offensive line perspective. He’s known as a nasty finisher and that’s really what I’m trying to model my game on, having the right attitude on the pitch.

Who is your favorite musical artist? What motivates you before a match?
My favorite artist is Luke Combs. Before the game, I like to listen to country music and a bit of rap. This stuff keeps me going.

What’s your favorite comfort food?
Wings. I like spicy food

Do you have a favorite movie, TV show, or actor?
My favorite movie is American Sniper. I am a huge fan of Chris Kyle and his story.

What do you do in your free time? Do you have passions? Secret talents?
I like to hunt outside of football. We have a few guys on the team who I like to go hunting with when we have the time. Other than that, I really like watching football, I’m a bit addicted to football

Why do you play soccer? Who or what motivates you the most?
Football is the ultimate team sport, and I don’t think there’s really anything like going out there with 11 guys all working together to try to achieve a common goal. Being the best motivates me. I want to dominate every game so in the offseason it’s really my fire and what drives me. I know there are guys all over the country working hard to fight me, and I have to do everything in my power to make sure that doesn’t happen.

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Geeta Basra is ecstatic about this “delicious” Sindhi meal http://joypeppers.com/geeta-basra-is-ecstatic-about-this-delicious-sindhi-meal/ http://joypeppers.com/geeta-basra-is-ecstatic-about-this-delicious-sindhi-meal/#respond Tue, 21 Sep 2021 10:10:30 +0000 http://joypeppers.com/geeta-basra-is-ecstatic-about-this-delicious-sindhi-meal/

Nothing beats a traditional Indian meal. This is especially true when cooked by loved ones. Actress Geeta Basra seems to be gushing over such a treat. On Instagram Stories, Geeta shared an image of a delicious Sindhi meal that she shared with casting artist Bhavana Jasra. The photo shows a table full of rich delicacies. So what do we have there? We see a spicy bowl of Sindhi curry garnished with herbs. We also see a plate of tuk, a spicy sindhi dish made with fried potatoes. These mouth-watering dishes are accompanied by a bowl of rice.

Geeta just wrote “Yum” and attached a thank you note to the photo. It read: “It was delicious. Thanks, di. ”

Geeta Basra enjoyed a delicious Sindhi meal

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Sindhi curry is a delicious dish made with potatoes, tomatoes, drumsticks, lotus sprouts, colocasia and okra. To this, Indian spices like turmeric, cumin, mustard seeds and chili powder are added. Then gram flour is added and the dish is seasoned with curry leaves. If it’s already making you salivate, check out the recipe here.

Geeta’s love for the “tuk” is also justified. Who wouldn’t love to have a plate full of juicy fried potatoes? The traditional Sindhi aloo tuk uses small or diced potatoes. What adds to the flavor is the raw mango powder and the cilantro powder. A pinch of chili powder adds a spicy touch to the dish. Click here for the recipe.

Geeta Basra and her husband, cricketer Harbhajan Singh, are big foodies. On their daughter’s fifth birthday, we saw delicious platters of cupcakes and macarons at the center of the party table. Plus, the desserts were designed in unicorn colors to match the theme of the party.

Here is the video where we have an overview of the desserts:

(Also Read: Geeta Basra Enjoys Harbhajan Singh’s Favorite Summer Food During Pregnancy; Guess What!)

A few days ago, Geeta spent a day in a dessert restaurant. She shared a picture of a waffle and also had some ice cream. She captioned it, “delicious in the stomach”. To view the image and find out what the waffle and ice cream looked like, click here.

We’re sure those visually pleasing images of food shared by Geeta have made you hungry and maybe even the chef in you. So what are you waiting for? Head to the kitchen and cook something fancy!

]]> http://joypeppers.com/geeta-basra-is-ecstatic-about-this-delicious-sindhi-meal/feed/ 0 9 food and drink trends to anticipate in 2022 http://joypeppers.com/9-food-and-drink-trends-to-anticipate-in-2022/ http://joypeppers.com/9-food-and-drink-trends-to-anticipate-in-2022/#respond Mon, 20 Sep 2021 22:42:26 +0000 http://joypeppers.com/9-food-and-drink-trends-to-anticipate-in-2022/ Add to favorites

Pandemic life means more time at home, and for the majority of us, more time to eat and drink. The future is uncertain, but there is something to look forward to. Here are the emerging food and beverage trends that we can anticipate in 2022.

9 alternative milks

Oat milk, buckwheat milk, pistachio milk, and macadamia milk are just a few of the new alternative milks to hit the market. Take Oat Canada for example. The founders, Eloise and Jamari Ambursley, saw the need for a healthy alternative that consumers could use in their coffee, cereals, smoothies, and for cooking and baking purposes on a daily basis. Oat Canada is Canada’s first sugar-free oat milk, vegan, kosher, keto-friendly, non-GMO, and 90 calories per serving.

8 vegan foods

From the desire to save the planet to the health benefits, there are many factors that drive consumers to adopt a plant-based lifestyle. The vegan craze continues to grow and in 2022 we can expect the industry to come up with innovative new herbal products. This year, Vancouver-based Vegano Foods entered the market, offering a 100% plant-based meal kit delivery service and an online marketplace where you can purchase over 1,000 items from popular vegan brands.

7 50/50 blend of plants and meat

Where are flexitarians at? More and more consumers are buying meat mix products that are not so, well, “meaty.” Vancouver brand The sacred cow! offers a mix of meat and vegan products like burgers and meatballs made with beef and local vegetables, including peas, carrots and cauliflower.

6 mushroom drinks

Four Sigmatic, Moon Juice, and Rainbo are just a few brands that harness the benefits of functional mushrooms, providing consumers with a drinkable option. Used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine, mushrooms are slowly entering the mainstream and part of consumer wellness routines, and for good reason. Studies have shown that adaptogenic mushrooms can be used to treat stress and anxiety, boost the immune system, and even help you sleep better.

5 Omakase

Made popular in the 90s, omakase is much more than a pretty piece of fish. Omakase is an experience that should be on every foodie’s list. If you’re an indecisive eater like me, omakase takes the pressure off of ordering and puts it in the hands of the expert – the sushi chef.

4 Kombucha

Bring the ‘buch! The kombucha health craze is still going strong and rightly so. Packed with probiotics and antioxidants, the brands get creative and drop all kinds of new flavors, including hard kombucha in a can, so you can #detoxretox at the same time.

3 beneficial snacks

Snacks but make them good for you. Healthy snack options are becoming more of a priority for consumers and brands are taking notice. High on the list is low-sugar, high-protein, and functional nutrition for people on the go. Think: adaptogenic ramen, recycled juice and snack bars, and CBD-infused peanut butter.

2 childhood favorites

2022, we take a trip down memory lane with the return and rise of childhood favorites: Dunkaroos, Fruity Pebbles, and Little Debbie cakes. We find solace in comfort foods like mac and cheese and ice cream.

At Dank Mart, you’ll find everything to satisfy your nostalgic snack needs, from cereal to snack bars and everything in between.

1 spicy food

Spicy Margins, Hot Nashville Chicken, Flaming Hot Cheetos – we’ve increased the heat in 2021 and will continue to do so in 2022. Health fanatics will appreciate the various benefits of spices and heat lovers will appreciate the food trend. spices. lingers.

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Teenager sees doctor for appendicitis, gives birth surprisingly http://joypeppers.com/teenager-sees-doctor-for-appendicitis-gives-birth-surprisingly/ http://joypeppers.com/teenager-sees-doctor-for-appendicitis-gives-birth-surprisingly/#respond Mon, 20 Sep 2021 10:21:27 +0000 http://joypeppers.com/teenager-sees-doctor-for-appendicitis-gives-birth-surprisingly/


  • The Ohio woman, 19, had already started labor and was 3 inches dilated when rushed to hospital
  • She was unaware of the pregnancy because she was taking contraception at the time her daughter was conceived
  • She felt fairly normal over the next nine months and had not gained any weight

A 19-year-old woman from Trumbull County, Ohio, who went to the hospital thinking she had appendicitis discovered that she was in fact pregnant and was going to give birth.

Nadia Rhoads, of Brookfield, was taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Warren on December 22, 2020 by her 22-year-old boyfriend and future dad, Brad O’Donnell, after she began to experience severe cramps in her side and back, Wales Online reported.

But when she believed she had appendicitis, Rhoads was told at the hospital that she was in labor and was three inches dilated, according to a report from 7News.com.au.

“They examined me for a bit, then they gave me a pregnancy test and found out I was pregnant,” Rhoads said. “I was surprised and in shock, especially since I was already in labor, so I didn’t have time to prepare anything.”

A nurse informed O’Donnell, a steel mill worker, of the situation while he waited in the parking lot. It was Rhoads who broke the news to his mother.

“I texted my [mom], and I sent him a picture of the monitors and I was like, ‘Uh, I’m in labor. I just thought you should know that! ‘”She recalls.” She called me back in panic, but she was really happy. “

Rhoads said she didn’t consider the possibility of her being pregnant because she was taking birth control pills when her child, later named Delaney Mae O’Donnell, was conceived around April 15 of last year.

Additionally, Rhoads said she felt pretty normal over the next nine months and didn’t gain weight, maintaining her dress size of size 14.

“Birth control made my period irregular before I got pregnant, so nothing really changed. It happened every month at about the same time,” Rhoads explained. “I had a lot of back pain and was always very tired. I didn’t think much about it because I was working full time standing nine hours a day.”

Rhoads also developed a fondness for spicy food, but believed she “had just started to like it”.

Her daughter was born with a healthy weight of 6 pounds and 11 ounces after 14 hours of labor.

The aspiring cosmetologist was studying at Raphael’s beauty school but had to delay her studies to take care of her child. However, she said her daughter has “brought so much joy to all of our lives.”

“It took me a few months to adjust everything and feel like a mom, but now I’m definitely adjusted and I like it. I feel like a mom now,” Rhoads said.

Rhoads also said she decided to share her story because she “wanted those who went through the same thing as me to know that they are not alone.”

“I also want to share that things like this can and do happen and our bodies are crazy and can do crazy and amazing things,” she explained.

Representation. Nadia Rhoads, 19, reportedly went to hospital thinking she had appendicitis, but found out she was pregnant instead. Photo: Pixabay

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