Indian Food

A wedding dish worthy of weeknights

At a wedding in Lahore, Pakistan, shimmering fabrics, vivid colors, maximalist jewelry, and glittering makeup form a dazzling display of aesthetic maximalism. Old grudges are put aside or permanently forgotten in favor of love and blessings. Everyone knows that the newlyweds will need both, and therefore everyone is invited and …

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Highway Dhabas for the next Indian road trip

The joy of savoring the authentic dhaba the food on a road trip is unparalleled. Stop at the side of a road dhaba to satisfy your hunger with delicious aloo parathas, kulchas, dal fries, chicken curry, lassi and Chai is one of the highlights of a road trip. So if …

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South Indian dishes to try on your next trip

Think about South Indian cuisine and the first two dishes that come to mind are Idli and Dosa. While we know they are synonymous with South India, it’s time we indulged in other native dishes that deserve our attention. And by that we don’t mean Medu Vada, Uttapam and Rasam …

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