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World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) star Finn Balor believes there are many similarities between the cultures of Ireland (his homeland) and India. And that’s what makes the country special in his heart, which also appreciates WWE’s flourishing fandom in India.

“I love India. I think I was in India for a short trip in 2018, and I think we were on the ground for 12 hours. The energy in New Delhi was amazing. I love Indian food , anything spicy is fine with me, ”Balor tells us in an exclusive interview.

The 40-year-old continues: “We have a few great Indian guys in their performance center who I have spoken to on a number of occasions. I feel like there are a lot of similarities in Irish culture and Indian culture on how we value our families. I can’t wait to return to the country soon.

When it comes to WWE fans in India, Balor calls them “exceptional”. He explains, “They are fantastic. They’re very loud on Twitter and Instagram with their support, and that’s why I’m excited to be returning to India when we can. “

For now, Balor is set to return with his alter-ego, The Demon, after two years of fighting with Universal Champion Roman Reigns to reclaim the title on September 26 at WWE Extreme Rules, which will air on Sony Ten.

“I have a long history with the universal championship. I’m always asked a question, even five years later, about what would have happened in 2016 if Finn hadn’t been injured. This puts a tremendous amount on and so throughout my career. I want to end this chapter with this match and become the universal champion, ”he said, stressing that he does not think about his past.

Opening his approach, the former NXT superstar shares, “I try not to look back and look forward. Obviously, there will be a time in my life when I can’t do that anymore. At this point I’m sure this is where I’ll take stock of what I’ve done and what I’ve accomplished, but right now I’m trying not to look back, I’m trying to look forward. And I feel like I have a lot to look forward to.

From John Cena to Dwayne Johnson to Dave Bautista, WWE Champions have great careers in Hollywood. Is this something you would like to explore? He laughs while pointing out that Hollywood is not on the horizon anytime soon.

“It’s something I haven’t thought about. Right now I’m fully invested in WWE and getting the Universal Championship. And what will come after that will be another story, so we’ll see, “he concludes.

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Travel to New York during Covid-19: what you need to know before you go Fri, 24 Sep 2021 19:20:50 +0000

CNN Staff

If you are planning to travel to New York, here is what you need to know and expect if you want to visit during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The basics

Almost all pandemic travel restrictions were lifted in June in New York State (including New York City) because 70% of New Yorkers aged 18 or older received the first dose of their Covid-19 vaccination series.

However, a new “Key to NYC” vaccination requirement went into effect on August 17 in response to the wave of Delta variants. It requires proof of vaccination for customers and employees of the city’s indoor dining, fitness and entertainment venues.

Some of the places of interest to travelers that are part of the requirement include restaurants, nightclubs, concert halls, museums, performing arts theaters, cinemas, bowling alleys, arcades, casinos, cabarets, fitness centers, swimming pools and cafes with indoor dining.

The mayor approved CDC guidelines recommending indoor masking, regardless of vaccination status, but did not issue a mask warrant.

What’s on offer

This is the ultimate city break. New York has the world’s largest urban skyline; Guggenheim culture at MoMA; spectacular food, from Chinese specialties in Flushing to Italian delicacies in the Bronx; and the green sweep of Central Park to the bustling Lower East Side.

Who can go

New York is subject to US government rules, which means travel from Brazil, China, European Schengen area, India, Iran, Ireland, South Africa and the UK are currently not permitted.

Exemptions from the current travel bans are available for U.S. citizens, family members, or permanent residents. Travel from all other countries is permitted.

However, the announcement of a new vaccination requirement for international travelers means fully vaccinated visitors from the above countries and the rest of the world will be allowed into the United States in early November.

What are the restrictions?

Asymptomatic travelers entering New York from another country, state, or US territory are not required to be tested or self-quarantined.

New York authorities still recommend quarantine for all travelers who are not fully vaccinated or who have not recovered from Covid-19 in the previous three months. Testing three to five days after arriving in New York is also recommended for these travelers.

Every air traveler entering the United States needs a negative Covid-19 test result. Passengers are required to take a viral test within three days before their flight departs to the United States and provide documentation of their lab results or documentation of their recovery from Covid-19.

What is the situation of the Covid?

As of September 24, more than 34,000 total confirmed and probable deaths and more than one million total confirmed or probable cases have been recorded. There has been a test positive rate of approximately 3.56% over the past 28 days.

What can visitors expect?

Restaurants, cinemas and other venues are open, but their interior spaces are only open to fully vaccinated customers. Guests under the age of 12, who are not yet eligible for vaccination, will be allowed to enter with a face mask, except when eating and drinking.

The city strongly recommends masking indoors, but decided not to make it a warrant. The mandate of the “Key to NYC” vaccine has been fully effective since September 13.

Broadway has reopened, but you must be vaccinated to attend and masks are required except for eating and drinking. You can see a list of shows on

The Empire State Building’s 86th floor observatory is open. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, like all museums in New York City, requires visitors 12 years and older to be vaccinated, and children 2 to 11 years old must wear a mask.

The metro continues to operate 24 hours a day.

New York State launched the Excelsior Pass, which allows people who have tested negative or vaccinated in New York State to prove their status. The digital pass is not a requirement for sites or events that require tests or vaccinations to enter, so a traveler from another state can use their own vaccination card or the result of a vaccination test. laboratory to enter.

Useful links

New York State Covid-19 Microsite

CDC Travel Health

Our recent coverage

There are two new attractions added to the New York list. Read about Little Island, which sits in the Hudson River, and a spectacular elevator at One Vanderbilt Tower.

Check out our New Yorker’s guide to safe dining during the pandemic, or check out Dante Bar, which was named the second best in the world this year.

Consider a post-pandemic stay at the first hotel on Roosevelt Island, a fragment of an island in the East River with a notorious past.

Want to eat good Indian cuisine? You’ll find him across the water in New Jersey. Or salivate over a New York cheesecake from our list of the best desserts in the world.

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Joe Minihane, Julia Buckley, Kristina Sgueglia, Marnie Hunter, and Forrest Brown contributed to this report.

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United Arab Emirates: Meet Ayesha Khan, an Indian Expatriate Selling Meals for Only 3 Dh Fri, 24 Sep 2021 05:18:10 +0000

Ayesha Khan, owner of Food ATM in Ajman who sells a meal for only Dh3.
Image Credit: Virendra Saklani / Gulf News

Dubai: Indian expat Ayesha Khan, 45, abandoned a thriving career as a computer engineer to follow her passion. The founder of Food-ATM, an Ajman-registered entity established to provide low-cost food to blue-collar workers in the United Arab Emirates, said she had not looked back since making the decision to follow his heart’s desire.

What low cost are we talking about here?

A three or four course meal is packed for as little as Dh3! And a full-day’s supply can be had for just Dh9, according to Ayesha. It delivers packages daily to 2,600 people living in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman. With her team of 17 staff, a generous dose of hard work, logistics and coordination, Ayesha delivers three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

“There is food and water available 24 hours a day at our Ajman facility. You can come to our house even at 2 or 3 in the morning, you will always find food and water, ”she said. “There is no room for a ‘no’ to our little mess in Ajman.”

Ajman's story FOURNI2-1632460687644

A three or four course meal is packed for as little as Dh3! And a whole day’s supply can be obtained for just Dh9

What is Food-ATM?

Launched in March 2019, Food-ATM is a project initiated by Ayesha to feed hungry blue-collar workers at a lower cost. “Usually a worker pays 5 Dh for a big chunk of ‘roti’ (Indian bread), ‘daal’ or chicken here in the United Arab Emirates,” she said. But Ayesha’s packaged meal includes a box of biryani, a cup of sour milk, pickles, and a small cup of dessert – all for Dh3 only.

There are eight different menus prepared each day to meet the tastes of working Pakistani, Indians, Nepalese and other South Asians. “We don’t want to limit our initiative to just one nationality. My establishment is open to everyone, ”Ayesha said, adding that there is a South Indian menu specifically for Malbaris. Items include fish fry, biryani, keema, aloo mattar, boiled rice with lentil sauces and more.

“We make seven desserts over seven days. Custard, rice pudding, a sweet semolina delicacy popular in most Asian households, wheat pudding, noodles baked in powdered coconut milk and more, ”she said.

NAT 210920 FOOD ATM VSAKLANI-2-1632460677965

Workers packing biryani eggs at Food ATM in Ajman will be delivered to a camp Photo: Virendra Saklani / Gulf News

How the Food-ATM card works

Depending on the payment made for an individual, meal bills are added to the card for an entire month. “At the end of the month, the count drops to zero. Again, the first of the following month, the card is recharged, ”she explained. The card carries a number, the person’s photo and a QR code, which is scanned for the balance of the number of meals.

Individuals or companies sponsoring a worker must pay for meals in advance. The card is therefore charged with meal counts. The card also carries the consumer’s business identifier and the business name with contact details.

“The idea is to make sure a worker has food through a cashless system. Usually, these workers run out of money at the beginning of the month even when they send money to their families back home. Then, for the rest of the month, they continue to struggle to pay for their food and other daily necessities. The smart meal card ensures that their meals for the entire month are covered. The idea is to make sure that no one is hungry. She added: “Currently, the demand for meals is mostly from labor-intensive companies.”

NAT 210920 FOOD ATM VSAKLANI-7-1632460685782

Ease of food ATMs in Ajman. Photo: Virendra Saklani / Gulf News

Blue collar workers

According to Ayesha, she did her own research which revealed that 30 percent of the UAE’s population are blue collar workers. “So we would like to reach as many people as possible. Businesses can come to us and purchase meal plans for their staff and workers. It is also a good gesture on their part to take care of their employees.

Ayesha recently signed a contract with a Dubai-based school to provide Dh3 meals to her students. “More than 2,500 students will receive our Food-ATM cards with the meal count. Even for working parents, it is very convenient to feed their children meals. On the one hand, we prepare homemade dishes. In addition, children can eat fresh and hot food every day.

NAT 210920 FOOD ATM VSAKLANI-10-1632460671927

Ayesha Khan, owner of Food ATM in Ajman who sells a meal for only 3 dirhams. Photo: Virendra Saklani / Gulf News

How it all began

Ayesha worked for a government entity in Dubai and Ajman before abandoning her for her cause. “During my professional career, I used to share my food with certain employees in my office. One day a worker came up to me and showed me a picture of his child attending school. He said that with my help he was able to save money on food and send it home for his child’s education. I felt very humble and emotional. It made me think about how superficial our lives sometimes are. We only think in material terms and work for ourselves, but how many of us go the extra mile to do something for others? “

Ayesha then began to come into contact with blue collar workers around her office and home. “Most of them said they shared food with others because restaurant food was way too expensive for them. I asked them what they would like to eat each day. Unanimously they said they wanted home style food. They missed their mother’s or their wife’s cooking and they wanted it here. So I decided to put together a menu plan that would be close to home cooking. “

So the big decision

She eventually decided to quit her job at a government entity in Dubai and pursue her dream. “It was a tough call. I was a very respected employee. I loved my job. We lived in The Greens, an upscale community in Dubai. That all changed. I also sold my house to Mumbai and brought the money to Dubai to invest in my dream project: providing low-cost, hygienic food to hungry souls. ”

At first, people thought she was crazy. “My husband has always been a great support to me. But at the time, he was wondering if I was making the right decision. The elders in my family thought I was crazy and did not think correctly. People come to the Gulf to build a house in their country of origin. And there I was selling my house in India and bringing money to the Gulf to do something for society. The initial investment to set up the facility was quite daunting. Obtaining a business license, organizing the facilities, paying staff salaries, providing them with housing all came to Dh450,000, but Ayesha has never looked back.

“The goal remains the same: to get so many sponsorships and feed so many workers at a lower cost,” she said.

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5 tips to speed up your recovery from dengue fever by Rujuta Diwekar | Health Thu, 23 Sep 2021 13:54:23 +0000

It’s dengue season and no matter how hard you try, there’s always a fear of contracting this mosquito-borne disease. From mild illness to shock syndrome, a fatal form of dengue, the disease can strike us in any form. A person with dengue has a high fever, vomiting, severe headache, muscle and joint pain, and loses appetite. Staying hydrated and eating nutritious, easy-to-digest foods is important to regain strength and fight infections. Getting enough rest also helps to recover from the disease quickly.

Famous nutritionist and acclaimed Indian Super Foods author Rujuta Diwekar suggests five tips to follow if you have dengue or malaria.

1. Eat gulkand: Excellent for digestion and absorption of nutrients, Gulkand helps with acidity, headaches, constipation, irregular sleep, weakness, nausea aside from other symptoms. It is advisable to have it early in the morning during dengue fever. “Take 1 teaspoon of Gulkand in the morning or between meals. Prevents acidity, nausea and weakness,” Diwekar writes on his Instagram page.

ALSO READ: Diagnosed with dengue? Here are Ayurvedic tips for quick recovery

2. Turmeric milk with saffron and nutmegLoaded with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric milk contains a curcumin compound that has a variety of health benefits. Take a glass of milk, a glass of water, add a pinch of haldi (turmeric), 2-3 sprigs of kesar (saffron), a tiny bit of jaiphal (nutmeg) and boil until it or half the quantity. Make it cold or hot and add jaggery to taste. It reduces inflammation, ”says Diwekar.

3. Kanji or pej rice: In dengue fever, it is advisable to drink plenty of water and hydrate with juices and tender coconut. Diwekar recommends that dengue and malaria patients have rice kanji while recovering from mosquito-borne illness. “It’s basically a rice-based soup. Add kalanamak (black salt) or sendha namak (rock salt), a pinch of hing and ghee. It prevents dehydration, loss of electrolytes and improves appetite. “, writes Diwekar.


4. Water: It’s the best thing you can have in dengue or whatever. “Sip it throughout the day to restore urine volume and check that the color is clear,” explains the nutritionist.

5. Yoga for dengue recovery: Stay in Supta Badhakonasana, the Iyengar-style yoga asana with a bolster to support the back and a blanket under the head if needed to support the neck. The asana relieves back pain and body pain. It also reduces fatigue, according to Diwekar.

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India Walton Appoints Six Members of Mayors’ Advisory Committee | Buffalo Politics News Wed, 22 Sep 2021 21:07:12 +0000

• Jennifer Mecozzi: West District member of the Buffalo Board of Education since 2016, representing education interests. Involved in numerous community organizations and an educator who has given presentations at the local, state and national levels, she also heads the organizing committee of the New York State chapter of Local Progress. In August, the majority of the school board, including Mecozzi, backed Walton for mayor.

• Vanessa Glushefski: A lawyer and chartered accountant recruited to advise on financial matters, she is co-director of the Covid Law & Community Engagement Clinic at her alma mater, University at Buffalo School of Law. She is treasurer of the board of directors of Justice for Migrant Families; co-chair of the Western New York Lawyer Chapter of the American Constitution Society; member of the board of directors of Planned Parenthood of Central and Western New York; and co-chair of the New York State Women’s Bar Association, Statewide Convention Committee.

Glushefski was also briefly deputy to former Controller Mark JF Schroeder and later served as Acting Controller, when she advocated for the city’s adoption of a fund balance replenishment policy that was widely adopted and recommended by his successor.

• Alexander Wright: Founder and Chairman of the African Heritage Food Co-Op, which aims to build community ownership, tackle food deserts and eliminate price hikes in poorer areas of Buffalo. He will represent local businesses. Prior to starting AHFC, Wright managed nonprofit organizations and operated his own business consulting firm. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a law degree from the University of Buffalo.

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Want to try Indian food but can’t handle the spices? These are the dishes for you Wed, 22 Sep 2021 12:00:00 +0000

With a population of over 1.3 billion people and 28 states, one article is not enough to cover the vast history and richness of Indian cuisine. Indian cuisine is world renowned for its rich flavor, aromatic ingredients and vivid colors. However, people who are not a fan of spicy food may be intimidated by dining at their local Indian restaurant. Fortunately for these foodies, the vast Indian cuisine offers dishes that are also friendly to palates who cannot tolerate excessive levels of spice. Fans of non-spicy food, rejoice: here are some fresher, but still very delicious options to try the next time your craving for Indian food hits!

Being a large country, different parts of India enjoy their breakfast in different ways. Common foods include things like poori, poha, porridge, roti, paratha, aapam, pongal, and idiyaapam. Take a look at some popular South Indian breakfast dishes that aren’t too spicy for your taste buds!

9 Idlis

Idlis are savory rice cakes very popular in South India and Sri Lanka. While you can enjoy a leisurely dinner, it is a popular breakfast food. Served hot, these rice cakes are accompanied by various chutneys and sambar, a comforting soup made with vegetables, lentils and pigeon peas.

8 Masala Dosa

A dosa is a pancake or thin pancake made from lentils and rice. There are many variations of dosa all over India, but a popular variety is the humble masala dosa or dosa stuffed with potatoes. The potato filling is made from boiled potatoes mashed with onions, peppers, curry leaves and other seasonings such as cumin, turmeric or even coconut toppings. The result is a crisp and flavorful pancake filled with a satisfying potato filling.

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7 Medu Vada

Another South Indian staple, medu vada are the salty equivalent of North American donuts! Also known as lentil fritters, medu vada is made from ground black lentils and other ingredients, such as fenugreek (known as methi seeds) or curry leaves, forming a paste. which is shaped into donuts before being fried. The donuts are served with coconut chutney, sambar and idlis. This breakfast dish is perfect for gourmets with little tolerance to spices, and can even be eaten as a snack!

A typical Indian lunch or dinner may consist of side dishes including dal (a lentil-based soup), pickled vegetables, and a vegetable (or meat) stew. The meal is served with rice or flat breads such as baked naan or a round unleavened flatbread called roti (or chapati). Spice lovers can savor a hearty Goan vindaloo or Rajasthani laal maas, but there are much milder dishes for those with little tolerance for spices.

6 Butter chicken

Butter chicken is a world famous dish and can be found on almost every Indian restaurant menu. This dish was first created in the 1950s by three chefs in Delhi. Traditionally, butter chicken is made with yogurt, lemon juice, and other spices and cooked in a tandoor oven before being added to a rich tomato sauce. With the heavy use of cream, butter chicken is a deliciously sweet alternative to its spicier counterparts.

5 Palak Paneer

Another popular dish, palak paneer sauce is made with mashed spinach, tomatoes, onions, cumin, garlic, turmeric, and garam masala. Then the paneer, a soft cottage cheese, is cut into cubes and added to the sauce. This North Indian dish is deliciously creamy and pairs well with a freshly made naan or a bed of plain basmati rice.

4 Malai Kofta

Do fried potato and cheese balls smothered in a rich tomato sound deliciously delicious to you? This is exactly what malai kofta is. To other cultures, kofta may refer to real meatballs, but in India they are usually made from vegetables. The basis of this dish is a rich curry made with tomatoes, ginger, garlic, onions and cashews. Although it takes a little time (and a lot of love) to prepare, this dish is perfect for special occasions.

RELATED: 10 Mistakes All First-Time Rookies Make In India

3 Navratan Korma

Made with a blend of nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables, this sumptuous creamy goes back to its Mughlai origins. In Hindi, navratan translates to “nine jewels” in English and refers to the nine courtiers (or navaratnas) of Akbar, the Mughal emperor. As its name suggests, this curry is composed of 9 different vegetables or garnishes (the “jewels”), such as peppers, corn, peas, cauliflower, carrots, green beans, raisins, pomegranate seeds, pineapple chunks, cashews… the options are truly endless. With a combination of various fresh vegetables, crunchy legumes and fresh fruit, the first bite of navratan korma will be sweet, creamy and flavorful (with a very slight hint of spice, if at all)!

From the streets of Delhi to the coast of Goa, snack time – or tea time – in India is often enjoyed with family and friendly company. Tea time doesn’t have to end with a simple cookie with a glass of piping hot tea or chai; India has a ton of snacks – without being too spicy – that can be made at home or purchased from busy street vendors.

2 Pakora bread

Pakora bread can be enjoyed for breakfast but is also a popular afternoon snack. Stuff two slices of bread with seasoned potatoes and other condiments (chutneys, herbs and seasonings), this sandwich is dipped in a chickpea paste before being fried. You can usually find street vendors selling this crispy and tasty sandwich in Mumbai. This sandwich is eaten with various chutneys (or even ketchup).

1 Dhokla

This Gujarati snack is a spongy treat made with semolina and chickpea flour, along with other ingredients including spices (i.e. mustard seeds, curry leaves, cumin seeds ), cilantro, lemon juice and yogurt. This dish is perfect for people with a sour tongue and is also perfectly sweet.

NEXT: These Delicacies From Lucknow, India Are Sure To Make Your Mouth Water

An aerial view of Pigeon Cove in Rockport, Massachusetts

This house, made entirely from logs, is a piece of living history in Massachusetts

About the Author

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Exclusive: ‘Top Chef’ to hold next season in Houston Tue, 21 Sep 2021 17:22:37 +0000 If the world was not already familiar with the gastronomy and the gastronomy of Houston, it will be the case: the “Top Chef” of Bravo arrives in Bayou City.

NBC / Universal, Bravo’s parent company, and Houston First confirmed on Tuesday that TV’s biggest chef contest will take place in Houston for season 19, which airs in the spring of 2022. Filming has already started for “Top Chef: Houston, ”which will be set against the city’s vibrant and multicultural food scene.

While the show’s chief nominees have yet to be named, Bravo has announced that series host Padma Lakshmi will return with Chief Justice Tom Colicchio as well as Gail Simmons at the judge’s table. Houston chef Dawn Burrell, who made the most recent “Top Chef” finale in Portland, Ore., Will be one of the Michelin-starred chefs appearing in the series.

Houston chef Dawn Burrell was a season 18 finalist of Bravo’s “Top Chef: Portland”.

Stephanie Diani / Bravo / Stéphanie Diani / Bravo

Bringing the reality show to Houston is a huge payoff for the city and could help restart the tourism engine that lost almost all of its steam during the pandemic.

“I can’t think of a more perfect match than ‘Top Chef’ and the city of Houston. Both represent a celebration of cuisine, culture and innovation, ”said Mayor Sylvester Turner. “We pride ourselves on the diverse community and unique heritage that make our city such a popular culinary destination – from classics like Tex-Mex and barbecue to local inventions like Viet-Cajun and Japanese tapas. As any Top Chef competitor will tell you, the best food comes from passion, and Houstonians exemplify that idea with every dish we create. “

The lockdown in Houston for “Top Chef” was the result of a carefully calibrated campaign by Houston First, the local company that promotes the city’s tourism and convention trade. The timing couldn’t be better, said Michael Heckman, chief executive officer of Houston First.

“Anyone who’s watched the show knows that it makes the destination look like a place you’ll want to travel to,” he said.

It could be lucrative for Houston once the show airs. “At a minimum, you envision tens of millions of dollars in positive public relations,” he said. After 18 devastating months which saw the closure of restaurants and bars and the loss of thousands of hospitality jobs, “Top Chef” could be the perfect recipe to restore the luster and the economic clout of the industry. restoration.

For months, Houston First has secretly shown the city to staff at Magical Elves, the production company responsible for “Top Chef.” The fact that Houston was factored into the show was a hot but silent topic of buzz among the foodie community, as dozens of key executives adhered to strict confidentiality agreements.

More than 100 different locations have been identified as potential sites to highlight in the series or as part of the competition. Houston chefs, famous personalities and restaurateurs will be asked to give a place color to the production. Magical Elves will bring a production and talent team of around 150 people to Houston; Another 60 local workers will be hired for various aspects of the filming of the series.

Padma Lakshmi, center, hosts Bravo's "Excellent chef," flanked by Justice Gail Simmons and Chief Justice Tom Colicchio.  Houston will be the home port for the show's next season.

Padma Lakshmi, center, hosts Bravo’s ‘Top Chef’, flanked by Judge Gail Simmons and Chief Justice Tom Colicchio. Houston will be the home port for the show’s next season.

Stephanie Diani / Bravo / Stéphanie Diani / Bravo

This is not the first rodeo in Texas for “Top Chef”. Season 9 in 2011 was set in Texas with filming in San Antonio, Dallas and Austin. Houston has been visibly left out of “Top Chef: Texas” which makes the new season even sweeter. Diversity was key for “Top Chef” brass, who noted the city’s melting pot food scene which embraces both bountiful culinary traditions as well as Hispanic, Nigerian, Indian, Vietnamese and Chinese heritages that live in Houston.

Twelve of the series’ 14 episodes will be filmed in the Houston area, including one episode set on Galveston Island. Candidates for the new season will be announced at a later date and filming will run for around five weeks, ending in late October. COVID-19 protocols will be in effect; the personnel will be tested regularly and the crew will wear masks.

Due to pandemic precautions, there are no paid events during the filming of “Top Chef”; the public will not have access to the production.

While it’s unclear whether a local chef will be among the nominees, Burrell, a finalist and fan favorite on “Top Chef: Portland,” said she hopes a Houston chef will make the cut. Appearing on the show, she said, can be a life-changing opportunity.

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Healthy Eating: Four Dessert Recipes For This Holiday Season Tue, 21 Sep 2021 08:00:26 +0000 The Ganesh Chaturthi festival may be over, but the festivities continue. Around the country and around the world, people are already preparing to celebrate upcoming festivals, including Navratri, Durga Puja, Diwali, etc.

Indian festivals are incomplete without sweet dishes and dessert recipes. As such, Smita Patil, a food creator on Trell shares with some healthy sugar-free recipes, from modak to coconut ladoo; read on.

1. Dates and modak dried fruits

(Photo: public relations document)


– 1 cup of almonds
– 1 cup Cashew Nuts
– 1 cup of dates
– ½ cup of jaggery


* Combine all of the above ingredients in a jar. The mixture will get a little sticky from the dates.
* Now take small portions of it and add it to a modak maker, press firmly until it retains its shape and pull it out.

2. Roasted Sooji Ladoo

healthy food, healthy recipes, dessert recipes, healthy dessert recipes, sugar free dessert recipes, festivals, sweet dishes, healthy sweet dishes to make at home, indian express news (Photo: public relations document)


– 1 cup of sooji (chiroti rava)
– 1½ cup of maida
– 2 cups of powdered sugar
– 1 cup of ghee
– Dried fruits
– Elaichi (6-8 pieces)


* Grill the sooji over low heat until it gives off an aroma; let it brown lightly. Remove it and keep it aside to cool.
* In the same pan, roast the maida over low heat until it gives off an aroma and changes color slightly. Remove it and keep it aside.
* Now in a small saucepan, heat the ghee and fry the dried fruit.
* Take a large plate or container, add all the ingredients and mix well.
* Make small ladoos and store them in an airtight container.

3. Moong dal halwa

healthy food, healthy recipes, dessert recipes, healthy dessert recipes, sugar free dessert recipes, festivals, sweet dishes, healthy sweet dishes to make at home, indian express news (Photo: public relations document)


– 1 cup of moong dal
– 2 teaspoons of ghee
– Dried fruits of your choice
– 1 cup of jaggery
– Little water / milk
– ¼ tsp of cardamom powder


* Roast a cup of moong dal over low heat.
* Remove it, let it cool and then reduce it to powder (coarsely).
* Take a heavy-bottomed container, add the ghee, dried fruit and cook for 1 minute, then remove.
* In the remaining ghee, add the ground moong dal and mix well.
* Add the cardamom powder.
* Add water / milk to it, as well as some jaggery, and let it cook well.
* Finally garnish with fried dried fruit.

4. Coconut Halwa modak

healthy food, healthy recipes, dessert recipes, healthy dessert recipes, sugar free dessert recipes, festivals, sweet dishes, healthy sweet dishes to make at home, indian express news (Photo: public relations document)


– 1 cup of grated fresh coconut
– 1 cup of jaggery
– 1 teaspoon of ghee
– 2 teaspoons of crème fraîche
– 3-4 kesar threads
– Milk


* Take a non-stick pan, add the fine grated coconut, sugar, ghee and crème fraîche and cook over low heat.
* Keep stirring continuously so that the mixture does not stick.
* Take 2 teaspoons of milk and add kesar to it. Leave to stand for 2 minutes then add the kesar milk and mix well.
* The mixture should become thick like barfi. When finished, remove it from the heat.
* Now take small portions of it and add it in a modak maker, press firmly until it retains its shape and pull it out.

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Food “We want the grill to be legendary! “ Mon, 20 Sep 2021 19:38:55 +0000

2016 saw the birth of The Grid. A 10,000 square foot brewery brewery in Topsia had raised a lot of eyebrows as one could only imagine that this place would close in a few years as there was no prime party venue or Bolly music. Cut to 2021, The Grid completed five successful years and put Calcutta on the nation’s holiday map. From movie stars, sportsmen, celebrity chefs to Calcutta’s revelers – everyone has their share of memories here, while sipping their best-selling Caldera craft beer. t2 chatted with Gaurav and Ritika Karnani, founders of The Grid, and Tanmoy Roy, business manager, F&B division, travel, learnings, upcoming projects and more.

Congratulations on The Grid which turns five! How does that feel?

Gaurav: Honestly, we don’t have the impression that it’s been five years! Almost 95% of the staff we had during the pre-opening are still working with us. So we have a huge attachment with everyone and it’s like the first day of every day.

Ritika: We feel the same energy, vibe, enthusiasm.

How did you manage to keep the enthusiasm going without making it boring?

Gaurav: We have always wanted to make it a high energy place. We wanted a place that transforms every four hours and that’s what we managed to achieve. And during the pandemic, we saw that Grid was doing well in the afternoon too, so there is potential.

What do you think is the greatest achievement?

Gaurav and Ritika: Recognitions that we have received at the national level. During the INCA (India Nightlife Convention & Awards), every time we go there whether we win or not, almost every F&B outlet knows us and it’s so good! Many brands and people have decided to open here upon seeing The Grid. Then change the party culture in the city, winning the award for the best microbrewery in India in 2019. Building such an experience for our guests which is nourished by mutual trust and love. The birth of Caldera is one of the greatest achievements.

Did you notice a trend during the pandemic phase?

Gaurav: A total reshuffle of the crowds! We have seen faces that we have never seen in the past five years. A whole different crowd arrives, mainly the younger ones.

Tanmoy: People in college who usually have a deadline are probably the happiest because of the time restriction. They start partying early and got home at a decent hour. Then a lot of kitty party groups arrive.

There were a lot of myths that The Grid broke …

Gaurav: So much! I can’t remember how many people thought it was a bad decision to open such a huge place in Calcutta because the saying was “Log itna kahan hai” and then it was followed with Topsia as the location. Everyone thought it was a bad decision to open here as it was far from the main Park Street-Camac Street location and no one would travel that far. But we have believed in the location from day one. It was a well-connected place that people from the Salt Lake City side to other parts of the city could come to. Then something like “who will have beer”, whether the beer culture would work or not, that’s something we also touched on. Another myth we broke was a place that works so well that doesn’t play Bollywood music, a concept that wasn’t that popular five years ago. We were also the first to start a trend for classic cocktails and we also started to name dishes after location. As Gymkhana Noodles was an inspiration from Gymkhana … we never gave in to the concept that a place cannot function without third party aggregators and a dance floor. We don’t have a designated space to dance but everyone moves where they are.

What do you attribute the success of The Grid to?

Gaurav: Definitely having a cohesive team, which is nothing less than a family. We never went overboard with our menu or made too many changes. We recently included new dishes, but 70% of the menu is the same. We want Grid to be a legendary place where food becomes iconic. Food should be consistent for years. Any place with this kind of traffic and rush usually tends to be affected by service; we have tried to stick to our service standards.

Just to remember, the very first article that came out in t2 made this a crash situation for us. We hadn’t done any other post anywhere, but this post did it for us. (Smiles).

What are your greatest learnings over the past five years?

Gaurav: Baadam khane se buddhi nahin aati, thokar khane se aati hai, we have a lot of them (laughs). Last year we had to shut down our operation for a short period through no fault of our own, but without dwelling on it. Even after that our biggest catch was that our guests believed in us and they came back and we got it back to where we left off.

Have you encountered any challenges?

Tanmoy: We had to figure out what kind of people would work, what kind of audience is the right one. Crowd control was therefore difficult.

Let’s talk about the upcoming banquet. What is happening?

It’s called The Almond, which is 30,000 square feet completely without a pillar. It could hold about 1,000 to 1,200 people and is located in Sector V. Food trials have started and we will open it by November. The chandelier will be one of the strong points of the place along with many other concepts.

From 2016 to today, the market has changed. Many breweries have opened. How do you deal with the competition?

Gaurav: I don’t see it as competition, I see it as a growing market. Let there be more places.

Gaurav and Ritika Karnani

Gaurav and Ritika Karnani

Craft beer: Caldera

Craft beer: Caldera

Cocktail: Rosy Gimlet

Cocktail: Rosy Gimlet

Davidoff Coolwater alcohol-free cocktail

Davidoff Coolwater alcohol-free cocktail

Grub: Gymkhana noodles

Grub: Gymkhana noodles

Healthy Bowl: Shrimp Bowl

Healthy Bowl: Shrimp Bowl

Indonesian Plate

Indonesian Plate

Grid Images: B. Halder

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Tips for checking if jaggery (gur) is adulterated Mon, 20 Sep 2021 06:59:00 +0000

Recently, Celebrity Chef Pankaj Bhadoria shared an amazing way to make sure store-bought jaggery is adultery-free. Here are some simple tips she suggested for checking the purity of jaggery. She recently shared a helpful tip on her Instagram account for making sure the jaggery is adultery free.

She expressed her take on the process of extracting jaggery and the chances that the jaggery you eat contains a certain amount of chemicals. She said: “To clean the jaggery, soda and some chemicals are used. Ideally, the color of the jaggery should be dark brown. The white or yellowish color of the gur may indicate chemical treatment ”

According to Chef Bhadoria, there are several types of jaggery, but when it comes to white or light brown jaggery, there’s a good chance they are being adulterated with chemicals and artificial dyes.

She further added that these jaggery cubes can include calcium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate. Calcium carbonate is added when processing the jaggery to increase weight, while sodium bicarbonate helps give the jaggery a nice polished look.

She suggested that you should always look for a dark brown or black colored jaggery as it is mostly chemical free. Dark colored jaggery is generally organic and chemical free, this is simply because when the sugarcane juice is boiled it leaves a dark brown mixture, which is used to make jaggery. Adding chemicals to this mixture makes the appearance jaggery white.

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