Busy morning? Here are some special Idli recipes that you can cook in 10 minutes

There is nothing more calming than chewy idlis soaked in hot sambar and topped with ghee. The South Indian breakfast dish is a favorite dish across the country – it’s easy to prepare, tasty, and light on the stomach. Whether it’s a spicy coconut curry or a traditional podi, it can be paired with just about anything, and you’ll always have a winner on hand. It is actually one of the healthiest breakfast options you can choose if you are on a weight loss diet. The traditional dish has stood the test of time after being perfectly adapted into a range of recipes by people from across the country.

From oat idli to chicken idli – or even the controversial chocolate idli – there are endless ways to experience this humble dish. But since most of us are stranded and working from home, we can end up with little to no time to spend on making breakfast. Here, too, the idlis come to the rescue.

We’ve put together some idli recipes that you can recreate in under 10 minutes. Looked.

Multigrain idli

As we said, the idli is a breakfast option full of health benefits. You can take this nutritious dish a step further by trying this recipe which combines bajra, jowar, ragi, and urad dal to make a delicious and chewy idli dish.

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Idli can be a very healthy breakfast

Spicy idli

This is the perfect recipe to enjoy if you have leftover idlis and love spices. This recipe will only take you five minutes to cook. This spicy idli dish is full of flavor, and you don’t need to make another chutney and curry to accompany.

Here’s how to prepare the dish:

  • Heat some oil in a pan and add curry leaves and mustard seeds.
  • Fry them until they crack.
  • Add the red chilli powder, stir once and add the steamed idli at tempering.

Idli Upma

Why stop at one dish when you can enjoy the benefits of two! This recipe combines the benefits of upma and idli, all in less than 10 minutes. All you need are leftover idlis with mustard seeds, urad dal, channa dal, and dry red chillies.


Breakfast at work from home: Idli Upma

Tell us which of these recipes you’ll try next.

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