Bring Home the Taste of Indian Street Food With These Five Recipes

Street food is an integral part of the food culture of India and varies from all other states with a distinct flavor and taste. In India, no one can deny the fact that street food is irresistible. From aloo chaat to dabeli and dahi vada, nothing can beat the tastes of these delicacies. But the saddest thing about this lockdown is that we sorely miss the delicious taste of the various Indian street foods that we used to enjoy in those little stalls near the roadside. But to refresh your culinary memories and satisfy your cravings, we have selected 5 simple and easy Indian street food recipes that you can enjoy at home. Check it out!

Gol Gappa

Almost everyone’s favorite, Gol Gappa is one of the most common and popular street foods you get in any state of India. Spread across the country, this street food also goes by several names, from Paani Poori to Maharashtra, Gol Gappe in parts of North India to Puchka in West Bengal and Gupchup in parts of Odisha. This crunchy little puris stuffed with tangy juice is quite easy to prepare. For the recipe, watch the video.


Dabeli is an interesting vada paw-like dish that originated in the Kutch region of Gujarat. It’s crunchy and delicate and you’ll find it for sale in various street stores.

Paapdi Chaat

Paapdi chaat is a mouthwatering gem of a recipe that you can get anywhere. Crispy paapdi mixed with sweet chickpea yogurt, various masalas & sweet and sour chutney; makes for the ultimate snack to snack on. Fairly easy to prepare and for recipes check out the video linked below.


This South Asian delight has quickly made a place for itself in the hearts of all Indians, who love to binge on it. A versatile snack, we have a wide variety of them, from chicken, mutton to veggie momos, best served with a fiery chutney made with red chilli, garlic and tomatoes.


When it comes to street food, one thing that comes to the mind of all Indians is Samosa. It is the best snack to enjoy especially during the monsoon with tea, it is a perfect combo. Simple and quick to prepare, you can refer to the recipe in the video below.

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