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Ahoy chips and beer is near. Is there more to beer and snack pairings than a lager and natural Lays?

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Chips Ahoy and beer is near. Is there more to beer and snack pairings than a lager and natural lays?


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The Beer Store makes us think so, and while some of its easy summer pairings with chips and beer can be headaches, let’s be adventurous.

Plain and pilsner flavor: Who wouldn’t disagree? My favorite in front of the subway for sports or Netflix is ​​a nice pilsner like the well-known Steam Whistle or a lesser-known lager like Anderson Gold, Stone House Pilsner from Varna or Rockwell from the Collingwood Brewery with classic fries. It’s an easy choice that appeals to the lazy ones in me. Pilsners are, after all, the favorite pairing with fried foods. It’s because of the salt.

Salt and vinegar and English blond beer: Salt and vinegar crisps seem to me like children’s stuff, English lagers as well as discerning beer lovers. So, is this a strange combination? Beer Store taste gurus point out that Brits dip their fries in vinegar – malt or white, that’s all good. A malt-based English lager, also called Extra Special Bitter, like the one brewed by Black Swan in Stratford is one of my favorite styles. Closer to home, there’s Antler from Storm Stayed, but paired with salt and vinegar crisps? It is an act of faith.


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Dill pickle and kolsch: I love dill pickle crisps, not my wife, so they are not often at home. But kolsch, or a lager like Beau’s Lug Tread or Cowbell’s Absent Landlord, is often on hand. Although my wife can’t, I look forward to the interplay between the pickle flavor and the herbaceous hops of a kolsch.

Ketchup and season: Welcome to weird that works. These sweet and sour ketchup crisps sound Canadian, but paired with a season? It’s a boost, with the sour flavor of a season or a farmhouse beer, like the Meuse Season of Norfolk County. Would that also work with Upper Thames of Woodstock’s new Making Waves?

Barbecue and stout: It’s time to take a deep breath and a sigh. Always a favorite with rich chocolate desserts or even some cheeses, the idea of ​​a wonderful stout such as Dam Dark from Thornbury Village Brewery or Deep Cycle from Powerhouse of London in my hand and a bowl of overwhelming barbecue chips on my knees seem wrong so many levels. Beer Store experts love the interplay between the coffee notes of a stout and the spiciness of barbecue chips. I do not share this vision. Do you?


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Sour cream and beer with onion and cream: It works – but what’s wrong with cream beer, the style of beer that doesn’t offend anyone? Sour cream and onion crisps have a bit of seasoning sauce, a cream beer, like Anderson Cream Ale or Eureka from Bell City in Brantford, is the simplest of the craft beers. It works, but again, a cream beer would go well with any potato chips.

All dressed and India pale ale: The crown jewel of craft breweries, IPAs work best when paired with spicy foods. With no wings, the full flavored chips can pair with your favorite IPA, whether it’s Muskoka’s Mad Tom, Lake of Bays’ Early Warning in Baysville, or Cameron’s of Burlington’s new Alien Invasion. Sour beers and a festival of flavors.


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Cheese and brown ale balls: Have you ever bought one of those giant jars of 992 gram cheese puffs from Costco and then regretted it? Beer can help. A dark beer is the choice here. Think Toronto’s Black Oak Nut Brown or Neustadt’s 10W30. Sure, you might want to pair your dark beer with pork, steak, or real cheese like gouda, but these cheese balls are so much easier. Dark beers also work with nachos and cheese or jalapeño cream cheese and triscuits for those of us who keep our snacks quick and simple.


Say hello to new brands in your neighborhood, as Toronto’s Steam Whistle and Victoria’s Phillips Brewing and Malting have struck a deal to market their respective beers. Steam Whistle will represent Phillips in Ontario, presenting beers such as Electric Unicorn White IPA, Tiger Shark Citra Pale Ale and Glitterbomb, a hazy pale ale. Phillips will market Steam Whistle’s portfolio of six beers, including its pilsner as well as the New Belgium brands it brews in Canada, Fat Tire and Voodoo Ranger, in British Columbia and Alberta. There is no change of owner.

Do you like blueberries? Half Hours on Earth in Seaford offers Kozmic Blues, a blueberry, banana, brown sugar and sour vanilla muffin.

Sour fan? Gray Matter in Kincardine has a new batch of Escape to the Stars, a sour raspberry in cans. Pairs well with a trip to Inverhuron Provincial Park or Station Beach.

Wayne Newton is a London-based freelance journalist.

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