“Best Vegetarian Taco I’ve Tried This Year” in San Antonio comes from Velvet Taco, a Dallas-based restaurant chain.

If you’ve ever struggled to choose between Indian and Mexican for dinner, Velvet Taco is the restaurant for you.

Velvet Taco’s menu travels the world with flavors from Korea, the Mediterranean, Cuba and, of course, Mexico. But of the many dishes I tried on the approximately 20 tacos menu at the Dallas-based chain’s Pearl Restaurant, in the former home of Tacoland, the most notable were those that featured a delicious mix of Indian spices.

The top was the Fried Paneer taco ($ 3.95). This is the best vegetarian taco I have tried this year.

The paneer, a non-melting cottage cheese similar to queso fresco, is breaded and fried to an impressive crisp, stacked in a flour tortilla and sprinkled with a tangy and thick tomato chutney, spiced cream sauce Indian and Thai basil leaves. This meatless dish is anything but bland and boring, with tons of bold flavors and a terrific balance of crunchy and tender textures.

Another great dish inspired by India was the Spicy Chicken Tikka Tacos ($ 4.75), with a generous load of fried fillets topped with a creamy and tangy tikka masala sauce, stacked on a bed of aromatic basmati rice topped with cilantro, all wrapped in a seafood tortilla. flour. It certainly provided heat, but without overpowering the dish.

Everyone’s favorite cheese dip gets a sub-continental makeover in Red Curry Coconut Queso ($ 5.25) which features a heady blend of spices and chili peppers in a familiar gooey dip topped with pickled onions and crumbled queso fresco, with blue corn tortilla chips.

Velvet Taco is far from traditional, but it’s an intriguing alternative to the plethora of truly exceptional taco shops that San Antonio has to offer.

Velvet Taco, two locations: 101 W. Grayson St., 210-960-5650; 5515 N. Loop 1604 W., Suite 105, 830-253-4545; velourstaco.com, Facebook: @VelvetTaco. Grayson hours: 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Sunday to Thursday, 11 a.m. to midnight Friday and Saturday.

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