Best things to do on the Jersey Shore

We like to think of Monmouth & Ocean Counties as the gems of the Garden State. And we are right. But sometimes the national advertising on New Jersey tends to sell us short and give way too much attention to other parts of the state.

We love our fellow citizens from New Jersey to Atlantic City and Cape May, but let’s be honest. You can’t get all the attention all the time. The Jersey Shore of Monmouth & Ocean Counties continues to be one of the state’s top destinations.

So, with all of our attractions, beaches, boardwalks, and restaurants, how come in a recent post only six of the top 25 things to do in New Jersey are here in Monmouth and Ocean counties?

Let’s spend a second celebrating the 6 Monmouth / Ocean destinations that made the Family destinations guide list, because we love these places, and they deserve this honor.

Best things to do on the Jersey Shore

Number 2 on the list is the beautiful Island Beach State Park. It is a favorite with locals and tourists. The trick, of course, is to get there before it reaches its capacity. This amazing place truly deserves its high place on this list.

Six Flags Great Adventure only makes its way into the top 5. It’s thrills and thrills and just great family fun, and it’s right in our backyard. We are lucky! Who doesn’t want a great summer adventure!

It’s an incredible lighthouse and Barnegat Lighthouse State Park has a great representation on this list. This beautiful place secures the place #

Hitting 12th place might not be a place that comes to mind when you think about it, but the sheer history of it all makes Monmouth Battlefield State Park a great choice for this list.

One local place that is generally underrated but fortunately made it on this list is the lovable seaport of Tuckerton. It arrives at # 14 and it really is a beautiful day trip destination.

That makes this list, and I don’t mean to sound underwhelming, but I absolutely think Jenkinson’s walk should be way higher on the list, but we’re still thrilled with the love it’s shown at # 22!

Now I just feel the need to say that we could easily have had a few more Monmouth / Ocean entrances here. For example, where are Red Bank, Seaside and Asbury Park? We value what we have, but we are the Jersey Shore. We always want more!

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