Best Mid-Cap Stocks with Anil Singhvi: Supreme Engineering, Max India, Heritage Foods Are Best Stocks to Buy, Suggests Market Expert Ashish Kukreja

In today’s edition of Special Mid Cap Picks With Anil Singhvi, market analyst Ashish Kukreja recommends three stocks for high returns. These actions were recommended with long-term, medium-term and short-term positional views. Know which stocks this analyst selected today and why are they well placed for an uptrend?

Top stocks to buy: Supreme Engineering

Today, market analyst Kukreja has chosen Supreme Engineering. It’s a wonderful game in the specialty alloys and wire products segment, he said. The main consumption of their product is in sectors such as aerospace, defense and space. Demand is constantly increasing.

This share was trading at Rs 33 at the time of the recommendation. Over the next 1-2 years, this tock has the potential to almost double from current levels. He puts the target price between Rs 55 and Rs 60.

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Main stocks to buy: Max India

The technical analyst chose his mid-term positional stock and it was also recommended by him earlier. He was the beneficiary of the money he received from the restructuring of Max Group. This stock is Max India.

This action was trading around Rs 70 at the time of the recommendation. Its home health segment that has taken to another level in the present day. It sounds like an obvious story and it’s only time for the action to start picking up steam, he said. He puts the target price at Rs 100 and has a 1 year view on this stock.

Main stocks to buy: Heritage Foods

As for the short term, the analyst chose Heritage Foods – a company based in South India. This company is likely to launch an IPO soon, he added. With professional management, it is a well run business, he commented. Debt is down.

This share was trading at Rs 345 at the time of the recommendation. He puts the target price between Rs 425 and 450. He has a 1-3 month view on this stock.

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