Ayesha Curry Says These Are Her Favorite Foods From Husband Steph Curry

With a career that keeps you on the road so much, it would make sense for Steph Curry to come home with a craving for comfort food. And Ayesha Curry confirmed that, for a while, that was exactly what he had always wanted her to do. “It used to be chicken parm. It was always the choice,” she told Mashed.

Recently, however, the basketball star has sought to spice things up. “I feel like he’s turned a new leaf lately,” Ayesha said, adding, “The family favorite right now is rasta pasta. It’s like a creamy pasta dish, curry, made from tomatoes, and it has jerk shrimp in it. It’s so good. ” Another favorite of Steph’s spicy seafood? “He loves my sweet and spicy scallops that I make,” she said. When it comes to a quick and easy favorite, the Golden State Warriors playmaker goes for pineapple fried rice, which apparently comes as a surprise even to his wife. “He hates pineapple on pizza, he hates hot pineapple, but for some reason when I make pineapple fried rice, he will eat it and love it.”

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