Astrology: your predictions for July 19 to 25

Here’s a guide to the coming week for you. This is your forecast for July 19-25.

This week there will be a significant transit regarding Mars. The red planet will change from the sign Cancer to the sign Leo on July 20. Mars denotes ownership, execution, and aggression. It is a fiery and living planet. He will now come out of the sign of emotions and enter into the royal and ardent sign. Let’s see how this week’s planetary setup will impact all zodiac signs.

ARIES: This week you will stay energetic and work with a new mindset. Your financial life will be good and there are possibilities for unforeseen gains. There might be an extra workload this week, but you’ll manage to run it vigorously. Those who study medicine will experience a positive phase in their life as they will be able to outperform their competition. On a personal level, pay attention to your mother’s health. Those who are in a romantic relationship should avoid unwanted assault, otherwise it can disrupt the relationship. You may experience stomach issues related to acidity. Avoid spicy foods. In addition, you are likely to be prone to bodily injury this week.

Tip of the week: Work with a fresh mind

TAURUS: This week your confidence will be high and you will be able to complete most of your work before the deadline. This is a good time to invest in any property and you will get a good deal as well. Now is just as good a time to sell any real estate. You will be able to pay off some of your old debts. Your family members may decide to make some changes to the interior of the house. Those of you who are married may be facing issues with your partner due to personal issues. Most of your spending this week will be for the health and safety of your loved ones. Your immune system is likely to remain weak, therefore seek advice from medical experts.

Tip of the week: Review your investments

GEMINI: The unemployed will have new opportunities which will help them resume their careers. If you are looking for a job change, you will have the chance to find a suitable option. Those waiting for a transfer can count on good news. Some of you may make an important decision about establishing a business partnership with a relative. Your relationship with your younger siblings may not be cordial, and you should avoid arguing with them. You can take a short trip with friends. Sometimes your children’s behavior can bother you. You need to spend more time with them and understand their feelings. Do breathing exercises to stay healthy.

Tip of the week: New job offer on cards

CANCER: This week will bring good opportunities and good projects where you can apply your skills and perform generously. Those who are in family businesses can expect good income as they can do successful business. However, you are advised to be mindful of your words and tone this week, otherwise you will end up making a lot of opponents. Unnecessary assault in the workplace can rub people the wrong way, which could work against you. Likewise, stay calm at home to enjoy family harmony. This week will be favorable for students in general because they would be passionate about their subjects. Protect yourself against seasonal infections, especially during the rainy season.

Tip of the week: Look at your words

LEO: This week you will be beaming with positivity, but try not to be overconfident. You will have a strong will that will allow you to more easily achieve your goals. Those who work with the government will be given more authority to manage the new assignments. Avoid spending money without proper planning, otherwise it can negatively impact your financial health. Those in a romantic relationship need to be a little daring to meet unforeseen challenges. But don’t let your partner feel neglected. Married people may face misunderstandings with their partner, which should be resolved with a calm mind. From a health standpoint, you could face headaches and stomach problems.

Tip of the week: Avoid overconfidence

VIRGIN: This week will bring you mixed results. People in business or employment can expect monetary gains and can enrich themselves from several sources. At work, you will be recognized for your efforts. However, you can be overworked and have disturbed sleep. You may also see unforeseen expenses. If you are planning to move abroad, this might not be the right time. In addition, if you are already working abroad, you may encounter difficulties in your life. Married people can argue with their partner, which can spoil their mental peace. Some of you will still be prone to injury, so drive safely.

Tip of the week: Manage stress well

BALANCE: This week you will be able to easily overcome some of the more difficult tasks. You will work hard to be successful. And in this process, you will get the support of your family and friends. If you are an athlete, then you will be successful. Businessmen should avoid making new investments and not trust anyone quickly. Don’t rush into any decisions. You’ll also be spending on household items and your family’s hobbies. Those who are in a romantic relationship may quarrel with their partner and they should approach the situation peacefully. Choose your words carefully, otherwise you risk hurting others without knowing it.

Tip of the week: Avoid making hasty decisions

SCORPIO: This week will be full of activities for you. Your management skills at work will be recognized by all. There will be firmness in your speech and people will respect you. However, you are advised not to engage in office politics as it may hamper your growth. Those who work with the government may see an elevation in their designation. It is advised that anything you do at this time should be in accordance with the law. On a family level, your mother’s health can be impacted and you need to take care of her. There will be harmony between all family members and married people will receive support from their partner.

Tip of the week: Be firm in your speech

SAGITTARIUS: This week will be good for your professional life as new opportunities will arise to change your current job. Those of you who are planning to pursue higher education should take advantage of this time as you will have the chance to achieve your goals. There are some complexities that you may face in your relationship with your father, and you are advised not to have a heated argument with him. You will get help from your younger siblings to complete the pending work. Those who are in a romantic relationship will share a warm bond with their partner. You may consider taking your relationship to the next level and introducing your partner to your family.

Tip of the week: Wedding on the cards

CAPRICORN: There may be a sudden gain in your income during that week. Be discreet about your business plans and offers because you will be closely watched by your competitors who will be eager to steal your ideas. If you are thinking of buying a vehicle, put it off for now as the stars cannot stand the same thing right now. You may face misunderstandings with your family members. Avoid stretching the problem, otherwise it can go from bad to worse. Students can get good news about admission to a reputable institution. It is advisable to take good care of your health and be vigilant about your eating habits. Avoid consuming excess sugar.

Tip of the week: Watch your diet

AQUARIUS: You will be bursting with energy and dynamism during this week. Those of you who are in business will thrive as your reputation improves, which will help you gain new customers. So, by all means, your resources will increase and your business will grow. Those in partner companies will also work with fierce intensity and be able to bag orders. You can also get help from your friends and acquaintances during this time. You can travel for work, which will bring productive results in the near future. Married people are advised to be cautious, as they face certain problems at home.

Tip of the week: Work on your image

PISCES: This week you will be able to succeed, but with a little struggle and hard work. Sometimes you can’t get the support of your coworkers. It is advisable to work as humanely as possible and to avoid any unrealistic expectations. You may have to make unforeseen expenses that could throw your finances out of balance. In terms of family life, you risk having an argument with your brother, which you should settle calmly. You may not be getting support from your family right now, which can be difficult for you. You will need to be careful with your health as you may be suffering from bone, skin, or eye related problems.

Tip of the week: Appreciate others

(Neeraj Dhankher is an astrologer proficient in Vedic Astrology, KP and Nadi. He is the founder and CEO of Astro Zindagi. Observations are made by the author based on his own analysis)

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