9 Must-Try Dishes at Michelin-Starred Jay Fai in Bangkok

We all know Jay Fai, both the iconic owner and the Michelin-starred street restaurant. Here are nine must-try dishes to order at Raan Jay Fai.

Bangkok isn’t Bangkok without street food, and Jay Fai is the coolest kid around. The street-side Thai restaurant has retained its Michelin star for four consecutive years (2018-2022) now. Supinya Junsuta, more commonly known as Jay Fai, is the mastermind behind all the signature dishes the outlet has to offer.

His goggles became as famous as his wok food, establishing a fashion statement displayed in front of a charcoal stove glinting with dancing flames. All hail the queen of Bangkok’s street food.

Photo credit: @jayfaibangkok/Instagram

Located on Mahachai Road, the concert-like endless line is hard to miss. Now a must stop for foodies as well as discerning diners and international chefs, this place attracts everyone with a curious palette for star-studded street food. Michelin Star, Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, Netflix – Jay Fai ticked all the boxes.

Next time you dine at this world-famous Thai restaurant, be sure to order these must-try dishes (yes, the crab omelet is on the list). These nine dishes here will age and age while queuing, trust us.

9 must-try dishes at Jay Fai in Bangkok:

1. Crab Omelet

Of course, first on the list is the most popular dish of all, the crab omelet. Eggs.

Jay Fai Crab Omelet
Image credit: @fortunateeating/Instagram

2. Thai stir-fried rice noodles

Thai fried rice noodles, locally known as Phad See Ew.

jay fai
Image credit: @jayfaibankok/Instagram

3. Seafood Drunken Noodles

Get drunk with joy eating Jay Fai Phad Khee Mao.

jay fai bangkok
Image credit: @jayfaibankok/Instagram

4. Stir-fried prawns with yellow curry

Authentic stir-fried curry, anyone?

jay fai bangkok
Image credit: @jayfaibankok/Instagram

5. Dried congee

The dish to order if you want to do your body a favor.

jay fai bangkok
Image credit: @fortunateeating/Instagram

6. Shrimp and Holy Basil Stir Fry

Impossible to really dine in a Thai restaurant and not order Kraphao, can we?

7. Tom Yum Seafood

Another archetypal dish of Thai cuisine.

Image credit: @sawasdeeshare/Instagram

8. Fried rice noodles with seafood

Fried rice noodles with seafood, locally known as Phad Thai.

Image credit: @jayfaibankok/Instagram

9. Fried Crab Meat with Black Pepper Sauce

Sugar, spices and all that is good? This is the dish to order.

Image credit: @jayfaibankok/Instagram

Jay Fai is open Wednesday through Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. For reservations, email [email protected]

(Hero and featured image credit: Anusak Laowilas/NurPhoto via Getty Images & @alleyttle via Instagram)

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