7 Fan-Favorite Menu Items That Restaurant Chains Are Bringing Back Right Now

Whether they were cut during the pandemic or sold out because it was an extremely popular limited-time offer, these items have been sorely missed. But they’re now back and available on menus nationwide, and ready to eat today!

Here are the latest and greatest fast food revivals of this summer. For more, check out 5 Big Fast Food Chains That Are Falling Out of Favor with Customers.

applebees oreo cookie shake
Applebee’s / Twitter

After Walker Hayes mentioned the beloved article in his viral song Fancy Like, singing “Yeah, we crave Applebee on a date night; I had that Bourbon Street steak with the Oreo shake” , Applebee’s quickly took advantage of the viral moment and brought Oreo Cookie Shake back (in fact, they now have a “Fancy Like” menu section).

The shake was removed from the channel menu along with several other items during the pandemic. But from this week and for a limited time, you can once again find the Oreo Shake at Applebee for $ 2.99.

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arbys prime rib steak
Courtesy of Arby

Arby’s cut this popular sandwich in 2020, as it slashed its menu during the pandemic. But the Prime Rib Cheesesteak Now Making A Limited Time Return, for the greatest pleasure. The item is available in a classic and spicy version and is already available in Arby stores nationwide.

On the flip side, here are a few other items that Arby’s recently ditched.

starbucks pumpkin spiced latte
Courtesy of Starbucks

Now making its 18th annual appearance, Pumpkin Spice Latte is back at Starbucks. The seasonal drink is one of the chain’s most popular recurring items, and every year fans eagerly await news of its return so they can get behind the wheel and get their fall fix.

For this year, the wait is finally over – PSL, in all its creamy and spicy splendor, is now back to Starbucks!

grilled breakfast burrito trio taco bell
Courtesy of Taco Bell

The channel was on a roll with the resurrection of fan favorites this year. First they brought the Fiesta potatoes with cheese and tender spicy potato tacos that were cut during the pandemic; then the Quesalupa is back after five years of absence; just like the Naked chicken chalupa.

But this latest announcement is the biggest and most important event for Taco Bell breakfast fans – the chain is set to reinstate its abandoned breakfast menu, featuring multiple breakfast burritos. grilled lunch. The Cheesy Grilled Breakfast Burrito, Brown Hash Grilled Breakfast Burrito and Grilled Grande Breakfast Burrito will be available in 90% of Taco Bell stores nationwide by mid-September .

strait style pizza
Courtesy of Pizza Hut

When Pizza Hut was launched the beloved regional favorite on national menus in January, the company had no idea how popular it was. Detroit Style Pizza was so successful that the chain had to pull the ad for the limited-time offer two weeks ahead of schedule as the pizza was selling across the country. The pie enjoyed particular popularity in his native Detroit, where Pizza Hut stores sold quantities that were double and sometimes triple the national average.

Detroit-style pizza is back on the menu today in its three original flavors—Double Pepperoni (by far the most popular), Meaty Deluxe and Supremo — and this time around, the chain is also adding the ability to customize the pizza to your liking with up to five of your favorite toppings.

Courtesy of Business Wire

Shaq’s giant pizza is back for a limited time! Featuring the biggest slices in the chain to date, Shaq-a-Roni pizza has twice as many ingredients as a regular Papa John’s pizza, which is why the fans have gone gaga during its initial limited-time launch last year.

Taco bell nacho fries
Taco Bell

The chain is currently picking up another major hit in potato form. Nacho Fries are available again for a limited time, and they also brought a friend: the Loaded Taco Fries.

For Taco Bell, their own version of fries, spicy and crispy, was the most successful limited-time offering in history, with over 53 million orders sold in their first edition. Now in their seventh appearance, they are just as exciting as ever.

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