7 easy rice recipes for a quick and easy dinner

Imagine coming home after a hectic day with a rumbling stomach. What would you do? Order online? Well, no, ordering food every day can’t be the right option. In fact, it can lead to health deterioration in several ways. However, we also understand that cooking can be a challenge after a long day at work. In fact, it’s the last thing we want to do, but skipping dinner isn’t an option either. To solve these problems, we have selected a list of 7 quick and easy rice recipes that are perfect for preparing a quick dinner. The best part about these rice recipes is that they don’t require a long list of ingredients. A handful of readily available ingredients are more than enough to create these recipes. So, let’s start with the list.

Here is a list of 7 quick and easy recipes that you must try:

Our recommendations :

1. Singaporean fried rice

Let’s start the list with our favorite. This fried rice is truly a vegetarian delight, with loads of sauces and a vibrant variety of vegetables to make the dish even more crispy and delicious. Find the recipe here.

2. Rice with tomatoes

Traditionally called thakkali sadam, tomato rice is a comforting meal. You can have this meal at any time of the day. Besides, it is loaded with flavors and is also fulfilling. The best part about this recipe is that it comes together in just 10 minutes. Yes, you heard us! Click here.

3. Soy Pulao

Here we bring you another easy yet delicious rice recipe. In just a few easy steps, you can whip up a flavorful and spicy pulao recipe filled with aromatic spices and protein-rich soy chunks. Find the recipe here.

4. BBQ rice

Do you like barbecue flavors? This recipe will definitely be your next favorite. This one-pot rice dish is loaded with vegetables and is a great option for vegetarians. You can use leftover rice to make this. Click here.

Other recipes you must try:

5. Paneer Fried Rice

Paneer can instantly brighten up any boring meal. And that’s what happened in this recipe. Paneer shines as the main ingredient in this delicious recipe. This recipe is further spiced with various masalas and sauces that add heat and flavor. Find the recipe here.

6. Matka Pulao

As the name suggests, here in this recipe, simple pulao gets a makeover with the addition of a host of spices cooked in matki (earthen pots) in an authentic way. Click here.


7. One Pot Chicken Biryani

We have found a one pot chicken biryani recipe that has been designed to make biryani in the quickest and easiest way. This one pot chicken biryani will give you the same tastes, aromas and flavors as a normal recipe, without much effort and time!

The next time you don’t feel like cooking an elaborate meal after work, try these recipes and let us know how you liked them in the comments section below. Good food !

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