60-year-old man arrested despite paying off his loan as Kerala Bank botches

Adoor: A failure by the bank would have led to the arrest of a 60-year-old man two years after he repaid the entire loan.

Surendran Pillai, who runs a tea shop and stationery shop in Arukalickal near here, said the money that was given to the debt collector was not given to the bank, which initially resulted in a payment default.

The bank then filed a check case in court and he received a notice. After that, he mortgaged his daughter’s gold jewelry and repaid the duty in full on December 30, 2019.

The loan was taken from the Ezhamkulam branch of Kerala Bank. Although the installments of the loan were fully paid, the banking authorities and the lawyer concerned did not take the necessary measures to withdraw the cash from the check. And then Surendran Pillai was arrested the other day.

(Kerala State Co-operative Bank Limited is branded Kerala Bank.)

“On the morning of April 1 the cops arrived at the teahouse and said there was a court warrant. When I was informed that it was a case of a check for non payment , I told the cops that the loans had been paid, but they replied that since there was a warrant, I had to be brought to court.

“Even before I had my breakfast, I was arrested and taken away in front of the neighbors. While I was sitting at the station too, I had to face humiliation in front of my acquaintances who had come file a complaint I was brought to court after 3:30 pm The court ordered me to present the bank document that I paid back the loan fees and released me on bail.

“After learning about it, the banking authorities and the lawyer removed the matter from the check. If they had done it sooner, an innocent person like me would not have had to go to the police station and court,” Surendran Pillai said.

“I first took a loan of Rs 1 lakh for business purposes in 2015. After repaying that, I also took a loan of Rs 2 lakh. Even that, I had duly repaid” , he explained.

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