10 popular Disneyland Halloween Time foods, ranked from worst to best

If you’ve had the pleasure of soaking up Oga’s Cantina or Trader Sam’s, you know that the Disney mixology team knows how to successfully shake things up on the cocktail front. The Howl-o-Ween concoction, currently flowing at California Adventure’s Hollywood Lounge, is no exception.

The star is a michelada pineapple blend, only instead of the standard beer pairing, the white tequila gets the booze call and, frankly, we don’t miss the froth. But it’s not just what’s in the cup that matters. A mixture of pineapple and chamoy (a spicy sauce made from pickled fruit) is coated around the rim, and the added flavor ring takes this alcoholic beverage to the next level. As an added treat, the cocktail is topped with a piece of sweet and spicy candy.

There is clearly a lot going on here, but it all comes together. Each sip feels different: sweet notes, other acids, welcome salty notes, and a touch of warmth that goes in and out of the equation.

(If you’re familiar with The Tropical Hideaway’s phenomenal Chili-Mango Whip, the flavor profile is similar.)

Just be careful to enjoy your drink on the go, as things can get messy when that crimson edge starts to sink, as your hands and clothes can start to look like a Halloween horror show (and yes, we unfortunately offer this warning from experience).

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