Real estate financing of Parabank

Real estate financing of Parabank

Parabank mortgage lending Parabank is one of the most popular mortgage lending partners in Germany. Two-thirds of Germans dream of having their own house. In principle, it is not difficult to obtain a loan from Parabank. The construction financing of Parabank puts your project on a secure footing. more. Replace unattractive Parabank real estate loans and take advantage of the interest rates.

Never before have interest rates on real estate loans been as deep as they are today. Anyone borrowing a ten-year fixed-rate loan usually pays only between 1.3 and 2.3 percent of the annual interest. However, the main problem is that you can not get out of your loan without paying a penalty for early repayment. But you have the opportunity to leave your over-expensive loans early.

As a result, the contract can be terminated indefinitely – even after many years – even if it has already been replaced. If the loan agreement is terminated effectively, all the money must be repaid. Simply put, this means that the borrower can repay the document with the current account balance without having to pay a premature repayment penalty.

The previous loan will be replaced by a new contract with current interest rates. We are happy to inform you free of charge about the revocation possibility of your real estate loan.

Unsightly Parabank real estate loans now replace and convince the interest rate of Parabank.

Borrowers currently have the option to terminate prematurely their contracts that have been in force for years without payment of a contractual penalty known as early repayment.

Borrowers currently have the option to terminate prematurely their contracts that have been in force for years without payment of a contractual penalty known as early repayment.

The BGH has already several times declared the cancellation policy for real estate lending agreements null and void, thereby maintaining the right of revocation for the relevant consumers. The case-law of the Supreme Court in Germany is based on the misapplication of the obligation for financial institutions since 11 September 2002 to inform them of their right to withdraw from lending for real estate financing.

For example, serious violations of the so-called “requirement of clarity” are criticized for the comprehensibility of the lessons for the lay lawyer. The instructions of Parabank also include errors that may justify the revocation of orders. A recent amendment to the law significantly reduces the possibility of revocation for borrowers.

So far it was possible to terminate the contract indefinitely (“forever”). Under the new legislation, contracts concluded between 2002 and 2010 can only be terminated by 31 July this year. Borrowers should therefore rush. Parabank has issued incorrect instruction forms in many years! The forms issued by Parabank in different years are, in our opinion, wrong and therefore possibly revocable.

In the cancellation policy used by Parabank, the general term “right of withdrawal” is listed. However, the sub-section “Consequences of the revocation” is not dispensable because it makes it clear to the borrower that he not only has rights in the event of revocation but also essential obligations, such as repayment obligations. As a Parabank borrower, you should submit your contract documents to our valuer for review.

In a first step of the revocation we can offer you a free and free entrance examination of your documents. For many customers, we were able to successfully cancel existing orders and are very sure that we will be able to provide a quick and, above all, successful service, even in your case. In view of the sharply shortened withdrawal period, we advise interested parties to act quickly!