A company is a long-term project. To have a chance of having a credit without contribution, one must first be sure that our company has a chance to be profitable. 

Companies can get credits without contribution

Companies can get credits without contribution

A company is an economic and social structure whose purpose is to provide goods or services to customers, with a goal of profitability.

Before starting a business, we need to do a market study, where the main questions must be answered:

  • Will there be enough customers?
  • Can suppliers follow?
  • Do we have the means to achieve our ends?

So this is the first step before going to the bank: putting together a file explaining why we need money, and explaining why we are going to repay without problems. This “file” is to be done, whether we are creating our company or taking over one, or that we are investing to make it grow.

Competent and efficient advisers.

Competent and efficient advisers.

The opposite of cooperative credit for example, which is a bank that assists associations, without major commercial imperatives.

To reassure the banker, the best is to have the old “minimum” social capital, which was 5000 euros. Less than this amount, and bankers are very reluctant to open accounts, even though the state has determined that one could open a company with one euro of capital. If we put ourselves in the place of the banker, we understand that someone who does not dare to invest 5000 euros in his company is someone who does not believe it, someone who is afraid of losing his money. Others, those who know they will succeed, have no problem with 5000 euros of capital: their new company will recover the amount and much more.

The guarantee with the bank is the capital. Without capital, without money, without goods, there are no guarantees. So you have to have 5000 euros, which can be obtained by saving money or with the help of the State or a specialized association like FomaFence. Regarding FomaFence, I strongly advise to talk to his banker, who is empowered to connect the applicant for credit and this bank of another type, specializing in the financing of “innovative companies”. Getting a pro account is probably one of the most difficult steps for those who have nothing but their will and knowledge. Those, whether they are long-term unemployed, RSA or very young and without money, have every interest in looking at microcredit, a type of personalized help that may be enough for small businesses. An association for business creation assistance like the ACCRE is there for that, to accompany those who want to create their own job, but can not afford to invest.

Micro credit for RSA that I told you about, for example. social credit to create one’s job. It is impossible to have a pro credit from a conventional bank, and none will go blindly to a person who has no money, no aids or “sponsors”. This is how we are all very serious with money, and what can the banker do, apart from believing in the good word of the business creator? Nothing, and good words are practically useless when talking about money. We need certainties, guarantees, projects that hold water. You should never forget that the banker is not necessarily an expert in your business, he does not necessarily realize that there is a huge potential. It must be reassured with the market study, made by competent and qualified people.

When you have your business for a few years now, and you want to make a credit for investing in new machines for example, the problem is similar to creation or almost. The company has already proven itself, it exists, it turns. But to increase its capacity of production with a new machine, it is necessary to be able to assure the banker that one will be able to follow, and especially to repay the loan. Everything will depend, as usual, on the desired sum. If the company only requires a small loan in relation to its turnover, there are no particular difficulties in obtaining credit. On the other hand, a very important loan, which could jeopardize the good health of the company because of a risky investment must be justified!

The banker is somewhere guardian of a good company, not lending to do anything. It requires that we have our feet firmly on the ground, that we think about our projects with calmness. Sometimes a good idea can be bad when you think a little better…

A classic condition for obtaining credit when you are an entrepreneur is to have your business for at least 3 years. 3 years is the critical time for a society: if it survives all this time, it is that it has a good chance of being viable, that it does business. If the company has never had a profit, it ends up closing before these 3 years. We understand better why a banker is more willing to lend to companies that already have a little experience!

this is known as seller credit, a useful way of supplementing the amount needed to take over a business. recover an outstanding payment

Research tax credit


The search for a credit should not be confused with the research credit. The research tax credit, known by its abbreviation “CIR” is a tax advantage of the State, to facilitate research and development (R & D) within companies. Companies are seeing the tax burden drop, allowing them to invest in innovative solutions, which will allow the company to be more competitive, to create new technologies. This type of tax credit, like any tax credit, is a form of indirect state financing to businesses.